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Wilson, NC
Dillon, SC
The Dinosaur statue in Wilson appears to be from a former Sinclair gas station. It now stands in front of the Imagination Station Science Museum. These photos were taken in 2004 in near darkness. The statue has been repainted yellow. [map]

The Dinosaur statue in Dillon is located at South of the Border. It appears to be a Sinclair copy with less detail. I have never seen one with the "spillover" surrounding his feet. I'm not sure how old this guy is. This photo is from 2004. The statue has since been painted yellow. South of the Border features and produces many fiberglass statues for tourists to pose with. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
Mitchell, SD
Sinclair Dinosaur
Storm Lake, IA
Sinclair Dinosaur
St. George, UT
The Dinosaur in Mitchell stands in front of Jack's Sinclair station on the outskirts of town. This dino's feet have been submerged in concrete, presumably to prevent theft or damage from high winds. My dog, Fix, was happy to provide a sense of scale. [map]

The Dinosaur in Storm Lake is penned in at Sparky's One Stop which is surrounded by cornfields. [map]

This super shiny Dinosaur in St. George is located at a Sinclair station. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
Iowa City, IA
This Dinosaur appeared to be for sale along with the gas station when these photos were taken in 2006. However, the statue and station were still there in 2013. The statue has "Please Do Not Crawl on Dino" painted on its side now. For more, see this website. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
Rock Springs, WY
Sinclair Dinosaur
Eden, WY
Sinclair Dinosaur
Vernal, UT
This Sinclair Dinosaur in Rock Springs is at a Sinclair station. [map]

This saddled Sinclair Dinosaur in Eden is at a Sinclair station. [map]

This Sinclair Dinosaur in Vernal is in a chain link cage at a Sinclair station. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
Hastings, NE
Sinclair Dinosaur
North Platte, NE
Sinclair Dinosaur
North Platte, NE
Sinclair Dinosaur
North Platte, NE
Sinclair Dinosaur
Grand Island, NE
Nebraska has more Sinclair dinosaurs than any other state. North Platte seems to have Sinclair stations every few blocks and nearly all of them have the dinosaur statues on top of their canopies or signs. I suspect that these statues are new and still being produced.

Sinclair Dinosaur
Salina, KS
Sinclair Dinosaurs [gone]
Altoona, IA
The Dinosaur in Salina is located at a Sinclair station. I have heard that there is or was another one in town near I-70. However, I believe there is only one other location and I don't believe it has a statue. [map]

These Dinosaurs in Altoona were located at the Sinclair Gold Truck Stop. These photos are from 2010. The statues were still there in 2011. By 2015, the station had become a Flying J and the statue were gone.

Sinclair Dinosaur
Duluth, MN
Sinclair Dinosaur
Austin, MN
Sinclair Dinosaur
Belgrade, MN
The Dinosaur in Duluth stood at a long-abandoned gas station when this photo was taken in 2008. The station has since reopened as a Sinclair and the statue has been repainted. [map]

The Dinosaur in Austin is a quick and easy photo-op since it's at the Sinclair station right off I-90. [map]

The Dinosaur in Belgrade looks content in the flowerbed at this Sinclair station. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
Appleton, MN
Sinclair Dinosaur
St. Louis Park, MN
The Sinclair Dinosaur in Appleton is installed at a Sinclair gas station. [map]

The Sinclair Dinosaur in St. Louis Park is located at the Roller Garden. The statue was installed on the roof in the 1960s or 1970s. In 2010, it was moved indoors. There is also a tribute to the polka-dotted statue in a painted mural on the outside of the building. For more, see this website.

Sinclair Dinosaur
Union, OR
Sinclair Dinosaur
Ferndale, OR
This Sinclair Dinosaur in Union is located at a Sinclair gas station. The owner bought the statue around 2015 for about $3,000 and installed it here. [map]

This Sinclair Dinosaur in Ferndale is installed at a Sinclair gas station. The station was a Shell station in 2012. This statue appeared here sometime after that. Apparently, his tail was damaged and had to be repaired. I don't know if his feet are submerged or if they were sheared off. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
Orderville, UT
This Dinosaur is located at the Rock Stop rock shop. This may be a tribute to the dinosaur statues which were here previously when the place was known as Dinosaurland. [map]

Sinclair dinosaur [gone]
Salt Lake City, UT
This Sinclair dinosaur was installed in front of Critters Pets & Supplies. It had been there since at least 2007. I don't know if there was a Sinclair gas station here previously or how long the dinosaur had been painted pink. These photos are from 2014. By 2015, the store and dinosaur were gone.

Sinclair dinosaur
San Antonio, TX
This Sinclair dinosaur was installed in front of a residence around 2014. The statue has been nicknamed Sinclair Littlefoot and is dressed in different outfits throughout the year. For more, see this website. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
Amarillo, TX


This Dinosaur is installed on the roof of a former Sinclair gas station. In recent years, the property has been used as a used car lot. In 2017, it was being used as a lot for food trucks. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
Ada, OK
Sinclair Dinosaur
Hennessey, OK
Sinclair Dinosaur
Claremore, OK
Sinclair Dinosaur
Fairview, OK
All four of these Dinosaurs are installed at Sinclair stations.

Sinclair Dinosaur
Davis, OK
Sinclair Dinosaur
Beresford, SD
Sinclair Dinosaur
Holbrook, AZ
This Dinosaur in Davis is installed on the canopy of a former Sinclair station. The building now houses Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies. [map]

This Dinosaur in Beresford is located at a still-operating Sinclair station. [map]

This Dinosaur in Holbrook is located at the Rock Factory souvenir shop. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
San Francisco, CA
Sinclair Dinosaur
Farmington, NM
This Dinosaur in San Francisco has been at this location since 1975 when the storefront housed Shoe Biz. The statue disappeared briefly in 2016 when the space was being renovated for the new tenant, Anthem. It was returned anonymously and repainted. This photo was taken after that. For more, see this website. [map]

This Dinosaur in Farmington appears to be a modern version. It is installed at a Sinclair gas station. The station switched from Conoco to Sinclair sometime between 2007 and 2012. The statue was added after that. [map]

Sinclair Dinosaur
Hayward, CA

This Dinosaur was installed at Bell Plastics in 2016. [map]

More "Classic" Sinclair Dinos:
Lamar, CO [gone]
Astor Park, FL
Jekyll Island, GA
Altoona, IA
Asbury, IA
Hutchinson, KS
Granby, MA
Granby, MA
Salisbury, MA
Cassopolis, MI
Norwood Young America, MN
Lee's Summit, MO
Elk Point, SD
Pierre, SD
Summit, SD
Delta, UT
Fond du Lac, WI [gone]
Evanston, WY
near Pinedale, WY: 1, 2

Looking to Buy Sinclair Dinosaur Statues:
in CA: Matt Kirkland,
in CO: Jim Marski,
in GA: Swanee Owen,, (478) 893-1314
in IN: Ben Ross,, (219) 872-7444
in KS: Joel Condray,, (316) 833-6486
in KS: Herb John,, (620) 221-0112
in MN: Dave Dahl,, (763) 238-0060
in MN: Jody Milby,, (952) 448-2573
in MN: Maynard Peterson,, (218) 478-3859
in MO: Doug Goucher,, (816) 365-2136
in MO: Greg Hoelting,, (636) 299-1268
in NE: Tim Gubbels,
in NY: Tom Golden,, (315) 729-3625
in OH: Jim Amey,, (330) 774-4107
in OK: Wanda Kenton,, (918) 694-3971
in PA: Scott Chimock,, (570) 333-1996
in UT: Tegan Spangrude,
in WI: Jonathan Wetzel,

If you are looking to buy or sell a Sinclair dinosaur, I would be happy to add you to this list.

Modern Manufacturers:
FAST (Sparta, WI)

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