Ohio Dinosaurs

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Cleveland, OH
This Stegosaurus stands in front of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. He is known as "Steggie II". The statue was created by Louis Paul Jonas in 1968. [map]

Dinosaurs [gone]
Cincinnati, OH
These two Dinosaurs were installed in front of the Cincinnati Museum Center in 2009. They were there for the Dinosaurs Unearthed and Dinosaurs Alive exhibits. By 2011, the statues were gone.

Prehistoric Forest [closed]
Marblehead, OH
This Prehistoric Forest was built around 1963 - the same year as the twin Prehistoric Forest in Onsted, MI. Most of the dinosaurs and other creatures at both parks were built by James Sidwell. The Marblehead location also had a train ride and toy rifles for the kids to shoot at the monsters. In the 1980s, this location closed and the statues were vandalized over the years. When it reopened in the mid-1990s, the attraction was scaled back to a walking tour. The statues were restored and many new ones were added. A mini golf course was also added. In 2010, the place closed for good. In 2015, the park and statues were put up for sale.

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