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Middleton, TN
Natural Bridge, VA
This Tiger statue in Middleton is installed in front of Middleton High School. The tiger is the school mascot. [map]

This Tiger statue in Natural Bridge was created around the mid-1990s by Mark Cline. It is installed at an Exxon station. This statue was produced from the mold that Cline created when he made a tiger statue for Towson University. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

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Gainesville, GA
Hysham, MT

Detroit, MI
These Tigers are located at Comerica Park, the stadium of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. The sculptures were designed/created by Michael Keropian for the new stadium which opened in 2000. There are nine tigers are at ballpark's entrances. The largest one at ground level is 15 feet tall while a couple on the roof are 30 feet long. The pillars are incised with tiger scratch marks and tiger heads with baseballs in their mouths. There are also two 80 foot tall baseball bats. For more, see this website. [map]

Wampus Cat
Conway, AR
This Wampus Cat is installed at Conway High School where he is the school's mascot. This mythological beast has six legs: four to run with and two to fight with. Wampus cats are usually depicted as gold with maroon stripes. However, this one is blue to match the school's color. These photos are from 2010. In 2013, a bronze Wampus Cat was installed at the round-about. The older statue is still there at the football field. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

Wampus Cat
Itasca, TX
This Wampus Cat statue was installed at an Exxon station. This version of Wampus Cat has only two arms. The Wampus Cat is the local high school's mascot. It seems to be just a coincidence that the statue bears a resemblance to the standing tigers associated with Esso (later Exxon) gas stations. Esso's tigers were fiberglass while this statue is plaster over wire mesh. In 2009, this statue was hit by a car and badly damaged. It is now in a city storage yard. It is not known if the statue will be repaired or destroyed. These photos are from 2011. For more, see this website.

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Wildcat (Lexington, KY)
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Giant Cat [gone]
Wheat Ridge, CO
2008: 2012:
This Cat statue is about six feet tall. It was installed in front of the Cat Hospital of Wheat Ridge. By 2011, the vet's office had closed and the cat statue was being repainted. At that point, the building housed The Cathouse, a used furniture store. By 2015, the business had changed again and the statue was gone.

Santa Barbara, CA
Giant Cat [gone]
Jersey City, NJ
This life-sized Cat sculpture in Santa Barbara is perched on the wall of a parking lot downtown. It was a gift to the city from the masonry contractor who built the wall. [map]

The Cat statue in Jersey City was 19 feet long and had been here since 1978. These photos are from 2004. In 2007, it was moved to storage in Kearny, NJ. For more, see this website.

Felix the Cat
Carson, CA
Giant Cat
Topanga, CA
Giant Cat
Berkeley, CA
This Felix the Cat statue is installed at Back in the Day Classics which sells classic cars and memorabilia. This statue is not for sale. It came from Felix Chevrolet in Los Angeles where there are several statues like this inside.

This Giant Cat statue in Topanga has been installed in front of a residence since 2012. The owners bought it from an antiques store. Its origins are unknown. When this photo was taken in 2014, the cat was dressed up with a pirate hat and knife for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The statue is dressed in other costumes throughout the year. [map]

This Giant Cat statue in Berkeley is installed at Katz Antiques. The statue appears to have been produced by the same company that made the Cat in Topanga. The owner believes that the statue came from a Petco and that these statues were produced in the 1990s. [map]

Giant Cat [gone]
New York, NY
This Cat statue was installed in front of an apartment building when these photos were taken in 2009. By 2011, it had been sold and removed. The bronze statue was created by Fernando Botero in 1984. There is a duplicate statue in Barcelona, Spain. For more, see this website.

Licking Cat
Las Vegas, NV
This Licking Cat statue was created by Jesse Smigel. It is 10 feet tall and was installed in 2014. It is made of EPS foam. The statue's official name is "Snowball in Vegas." For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Giant Cat
Davis, CA
This Giant Cat is about 20 feet tall. It was built in 2016 in front of the John Natsoulas Gallery. It is covered with mosaic tiles and is known as the Cat Patio. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Cats
Los Gatos, CA
The Cats
Los Gatos, CA
This pair of Giant Cats were built in 1922 from cast concrete by Robert Treat Paine. They were built for the entrance to the home of Charles Erskine Scott Wood and Sara Bard Field. They are eight feet tall and were originally painted light brown. The statues are named Leo and Leona. One has open eyes and the other has closed eyes. For more, see this website. [map]

Just down the road, The Cats restaurant and bar has a pair of smaller cat statues. I don't know when they were installed. [map]

Giant Cats
Los Gatos, CA
These two replica statues of the Robert Treat Paine's Giant Cats were installed at the Los Gatos Shopping Center in 2012. [map]

Cat and Dog
Austin, TX
This Cat and Dog statues were installed in front of the West Lynn Veterinary Clinic around 2013. They are dressed up for different holidays. [map]

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