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The fiberglass bull statues shown below are similar to those described on the previous page. They are about the same size, wear halters, and have their left hind legs in a forward position. However, they have slightly different heads and, more obviously, have fuzzy coats. The first examples shown below with message board signs on their sides were either produced for Sirloin Stockade restaurants or used extensively by the chain. The bull statue mascot was known as "Sir Loin." Sirloin Stockade was established in 1966 in Oklahoma City. This original location had a bull statue. By 2016, there were more than 80 locations in eight states. I believe there are only about 15 locations left. This fuzzy type statue was meant to represent Hereford cattle and were originally painted with red coats and white markings. Apparently, they were sold on trailers so that the statues could be moved around to different locations. These non-permanent trailers also helped businesses get around local sign codes.

Sirloin Stockade
Corsicana, TX
Sirloin Stockade
Ardmore, OK
These Sirloin Stockade locations in Corsicana and Ardmore are among only a few still-operating locations that still have these bull statues. [Corsicana map]; [Ardmore map]

Kingsville, TX (now Floresville, TX)
2011: 2018:
This Bull was parked in front of a Sirloin Stockade in 2011. The statue still bore the name "Sir Loin." Around 2015, the restaurant closed and the statue was moved to Jalou Ranch in Floresville, TX where he is visible from the highway. [map]

Bull [gone]
Joplin, MO
Davenport, IA
Odessa, TX
This Bull in Joplin was installed in front of the Guitars Rock N Country Bar. This photo is from 2010. The Bull was gone by 2012. Does anyone know where it wound up? There is a Sirloin Stockade in Rolla, MO that has a bull on top of its sign.

The Bull in Davenport is located at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. This statue has been removed from its trailer and installed permanently on the ground. [map]

This Bull in Odessa has stood in front of Sid & Sam's Original Steakhouse since at least 2007. [map]

Thomas Sign Co. [gone]
Manhattan, KS
Carol's Drive-in [gone]
Panhandle, TX
Domenico's Italian Restaurant
Osage Beach, MO
The Thomas Sign Co., Carol's Drive-in and Domenico's Italian Restaurant statues all have their original trailers. Thomas Sign is still there but the Bull was gone by 2013. This photo was taken in 2010. Carol's Drive-in has closed and the statue is gone. [Osage Beach map]

Bull [gone]
Oklahoma City, OK
Buttonwillow, CA
Las Cruces, NM
Saia's Super Meat Market
Mandeville, LA
This Bull in Oklahoma City stood on a trailer in front of D.J.'s Megawash when this photo was taken in 2006. By 2014, the statue was gone.

The Bull in Buttonwillow stands in a field and advertises for the Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Company. [map]

The Bull in Las Cruces is installed in front of Big Daddy's Flea Market. [map]

The Saia's Super Meat Market is mounted on a trailer in front of the store. From the looks of the tires, it doesn't look like the statue gets moved around at all. [map]

The Kow
Pittsburg, KS
Bull [gone]
Carlsbad, NM
Franklin, KY
The Kow advertises for the KKOW radio station. The statue was parked in front of the Fort Scott Community College campus when this photo was taken in 2010. The statue is apparently moved around town.

This Bull in Carlsbad was installed on the roof of Lakeside Meats. In 2017, it caught on fire and was destroyed.

This Bull in Franklin stands in front of Lucky Lotto at the Tennessee border. This is the only message board bull that I know of with horns. [map]

The fiberglass bull statues shown below are similar to those described above. However, they wear painted blankets instead of message boards. Just about all of these bulls have horns. Their halters are also different from the message board type. I don't know if these two types of statues were produced by the same company.

Frontier Motor Cars
Milwaukee, WI
Bull [gone?]
Hot Springs, AR
The Frontier Motor Cars bull statue is located in the dealership's parking lot. The statue was originally installed at a Black Angus restaurant. [map]

This Bull in Hot Springs stood on a trailer in a parking lot when I took these photos in 2008. The statue didn't seem to have any affiliation with nearby businesses. I have combed Google Street View pretty thoroughly and don't see the statue anywhere. I'm pretty sure that it's gone.

Hutto, TX
Anthony's Steakhouse
Omaha, NE
This Bull in Hutto is installed at the Texan Cafe. The restaurant opened in 1996 a few miles east of town. At that location, this bull was a full-sized statue installed on a trailer. It was apparently a blanket type because of the horns and halter style. When the Texan Cafe moved here, "Ferdinand" was reduced to this trophy-style head. [map]

The Anthony's Steakhouse bull statue is installed on the roof. Unlike the other blanket-wearing statues described here, this one does not have horns. [map]

Amarillo, TX
These two Bulls are located at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. The smaller, rooftop bull is the "meat market" type shown on this page. [map]

The blanket-wearing statues shown below do not have halters.

Adelphi, MD
Chef Louie's Steak House
& Lounge
Mitchell, SD
The Bull in Adelphi is located on the roof of the Golden Bull Restaurant. [map]

I believe Chef Louie's Steak House & Lounge has been here since the 1950s. This bull is probably from the 1960s. [map]

Country Smoke House
Almont, MI
Plymouth, WI
The Country Smoke House bull statue is also installed on a trailer in front of the restaurant. [photo thanks Mark Comstock] [map]

This Bull in Plymouth is installed at Farm Crest Auto & Storage. The statue was purchased from a meat market in Decatur, WI and moved here in the 1980s. [map]

The fiberglass bull statues shown below have neither message board signs nor blankets. They were probably produced by the same company that made the Sirloin Stockade bulls described above and marketed to other businesses.

Bull [gone]
Verona, NY
Fort Worth, TX
Broiler Steak
Dallas, TX
Kelly's Steak and Seafood
Boalsburg, PA
This Bull statue in Verona was installed in front of Joel's Front Yard Steak House when this photo was taken in 2009. The garland-wearing bull was named "Lucky". Supposedly, a tractor trailer carrying the statue broke down in the parking lot many years ago which paved the way for his acquisition. In 2014, the restaurant was renamed the Stampede Steakhouse & Saloon. In 2016, there was a devastating fire. The statue was unharmed but the future of the restaurant is not known as this point. In 2018, the statue was nearly stolen and was moved to storage until it can be secured to the ground. [map]

The Chuy's bull statue has been here since the restaurant was known as the Dixie House Cafe. [map]

Charco Broiler Steak has been here since 1963. This bull statue, nicknamed "Sonny the Steer", is located on the restaurant's roof. [map]

There is another rooftop bull at Kelly's Steak and Seafood. The bull statue was here when the place was previously known as the Boalsburg Steak House. [map]

Bull [gone]
Ringgold, TX
Lanning's Food Center
Plainview, MN
Winston-Salem, NC
This Bull statue at Lonestar Hereford Ranch was confined to a cattle pen when this photo was taken in 2011. By 2013, the statue was gone.

The Bull at Lanning's Food Center is located in the parking lot. [map]

The Bull statue in Winston-Salem is installed next to Thrift Way Meats & Produce. [map]

Kelsey's Steak House
Valparaiso, IN
Mercer Livestock Auction
Mercer, PA
Winston's Sausage
Chicago, IL
Gilboa, OH
Kelsey's Steak House features "Howie" the 24 foot tall bull. He was originally located at Howard and Sons Meats in Schererville, IN. In 1995, he was moved to Kelsey's. In 2005, they opened a new location just down the block and brought him along. For more, see this website. [map]

The Bulls in Mercer and Gilboa are further examples of the "woolly" type. [Mercer map]; [Gilboa map]

The Winston's Sausage bull statue is installed on the roof. [map]

Purple Sage Rib Company
Cortez, CO
Blossom the Bull
Binghamton, NY
Houston, TX
These two statues are like those described above but they do not have horns.

The Bull at the Purple Sage Rib Company is located next to the road. [map]

Blossom the Bull is located at the Discovery Center. It was previously installed on the roof of the Vestal Steakhouse and Seafood Grill in Vestal, NY. The statue was moved here and repainted in 2004. [map]

The Bull in Houston is installed on top of the sign at Power Tires & Wheels. In 2008, the building housed the El Torito Mexican Restaurant. This Bull was there then. This statue may have looked like the two statues below but reworked with a rougher coat and a bent right front foot. [map]

Branding Iron
Family Restaurant
Durant, OK
Baby Bull's Restaurant
Pontiac, IL
These two statues are different from those shown above. Their halters, coats, ears, and faces are different and their hind legs are next to each other.

The Branding Iron Family Restaurant bull statue is installed on top of the business' sign poles. [map]

Baby Bull's Restaurant features this statue. He does have a rather juvenile look. He probably had a real chain under his chin instead of a painted one like the one in Durant. [second photo thanks Mark Comstock] [map]

Mike's Barbeque House
Nacogdoches, TX
Bull [gone]
Indianapolis, IN
The Bull at Mike's Barbeque House is installed on top of the restaurant's sign. This statue is similar to the two described above but with a different face, curlier coat, and no halter. These photos are from 2011. The statue was blown off the roof in 2015. He was repaired and reinstalled in 2016. [map]

The Bull at Karman Produce in Indianapolis was similar to those described above. Although it was about the same size, the body and face are different. The nostrils are unique. The statue was brightly painted and stood on a trailer among the lawn ornaments when these photos were taken in 2005. By 2010, the statue was gone and a BBQ stand had replaced the produce stand. I'm told that the bull was sold to someone in Fort Wayne. For more, see this website.

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