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metal sculptures
Gila Bend, AZ


These metal sculptures include a dinosaur, rattlesnake, cactus with gila monster, and flower. They are installed at a Shell gas station on the east side of town. The sculptures have been here since at least 2005. By 2011, they were covered with graffiti. By 2016, only the dinosaur and snake were left. The statues had been repainted brown. Does anyone know who made them and when? [map]

bronze sculptures
San Jose, CA
These bronze sculptures are installed in Guadalupe River Park. The group, entitled the "Parade of Animals", was produced by Michael Boris in 1991. The animals include a frog, a fox, a rabbit, an eagle, an owl (not shown), and a raccoon. [map]

Animal Sculpture Garden
Los Angeles, CA
This Animal Sculpture Garden is located at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The bronze sculptures were based on biblical scriptures. The garden was designed as a children's play area. The sculptures have been there since at least 2006.

metal sculptures
Pomeroy, WA
These metal sculptures were created by Elton Brown. They have been installed in front of his home since at least 1996. The sculptures are made from sickle bar mower teeth, used for cutting hay, and rebar. The shark is 14 feet long. The dinosaur is over 11 feet tall. The alligator is 15 feet long. [map]

animal sculptures
Hanford, CA
These animal sculptures are made from scrap metal. They are installed in front of someone's house. Does anyone know more about them? [map]

Steele Realty
Elk Grove, CA
Steele Realty opened here around 1988. Ray Steele has been adding statues and farming equipment to his office interior and property since then. These statues have been there since at least 2003. The statues of the Miner and Abraham Lincoln were gone by 2014. The Indian and Buffalo statues are still there. They appear to be the work of Ken Fox who has created other giant statues in California. The Buffalo contains a time capsule in its hump. [map]

More Giant Collections:
misc. statues (Maui, HI) [gone]
Ben Lalen (Sainte-Eulalie, QC)

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