Virginia Soft Drink Bottling Plants

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former Coca-Cola bottling plant
Alexandria, VA
This Coca-Cola bottling plant was built in 1932. In 1944, this corner entrance replaced a lawn area. In 1983, the building was renovated and converted for use as office and retail space. [map]

Coca-Cola bottling plant
Charlottesville, VA
This Coca-Cola bottling plant was built in 1939 and is still in use. [map]

Covington, VA:

former Pepsi-Cola bottling plant
Danville, VA
This former Pepsi-Cola bottling plant constructed as a whiskey brewery sometime around 1887 by the C. T. Brown Brewery Company. In 1931, the building was purchased by the Gibson Bottling Company. They produced Red Rock Cola and Ginger Ale, NuGrape, Valley Forge Special, and Celery Cola. Around 1936, Gibson became the Danville bottler of Pepsi-Cola. Pepsi was bottled here until 1954 when a new plant was built elsewhere in town. The building continued to be used by Gibson for storage. In 1984, the City of Danville became the owner of the property. In 1996, the building was renovated and it is now used as a public meeting space and for special events. [map]

Coca-Cola bottling plant
Exmore, VA
The Coca-Cola building is now used by A-Z Exmore Used Furniture & Antiques. [map]

Gloucester, VA:

Coca-Cola bottling plant
Lynchburg, VA
The advertisements on this Coca-Cola bottling plant were repainted in 2007. Does anyone know what the years of operation were here? [map]

Coca-Cola bottling plant
Montross, VA
The Coca-Cola building is also known as the Northern Neck Coca Cola Bottling Co. I believe this building is from the 1920s. The painted sign is a replica of a 1953 advertisement. There were two windows there originally. [map]

Coca-Cola bottling plant
Newport News, VA
This Coca-Cola bottling plant has been vacant for years. [map]

Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola
Norfolk, VA
The Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola bottling plant was built in 1958. It was designed by A. Ray Pentecost, Jr. [map]

former Coca-Cola bottling plant
Norton, VA
This Coca-Cola bottling plant seems to have been built between 1917 and 1923. It is no longer in operation and appears to be used for apartments now. Does anyone know the history of this building? For more, see this website. [map]

Coca-Cola bottling plant
Richmond, VA
This Coca-Cola bottling plant appears to be from the 1950s or 1960s. Just a couple months after these photos were taken in 2007, the plant closed and the giant bottle is now gone. Does anyone know where the bottle went? [map]

former Dr Pepper bottling plant
Roanoke, VA
This Dr Pepper bottling plant appears to be from the 1920s or 1930s. The building now houses the Willmer Tire & Service Center. The original "10-2-4" Dr Pepper sign is still there. [map]

South Hill, VA:

Coca-Cola Building
Staunton, VA
This Coca-Cola building served as a bottling plant. There is a mosaic tile Coca-Cola bottle on the side of the building. Does anyone know when this building was constructed, when it ceased being used by Coca-Cola, and/or when the mosaic bottle was created? [map]

Coca-Cola bottling plant
Winchester, VA
This Coca-Cola bottling plant was built in 1940. The building appeared to be vacant when these photos were taken in 2008. By 2014, the building had been restored as the Bottling Works apartment building. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register. [map]

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