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Teapot Dome gas station
Zillah, WA


The Teapot Dome gas station was built in 1922 and installed between Zillah and Granger, WA. In 1932, it was moved to Zillah. The round building is 15 feet tall and has a conical roof, a sheet metal handle and a concrete spout. The teapot shape was a humorous reference to the Teapot Dome scandals that rocked President Harding's administration in the 1920s. The building was moved again to a new location in Zillah in 1977 when I-82 was built. It was restored in the mid-1980s and continued to sell gas until around 2004. It remained vacant until 2012. At that point, it was restored and moved to its current location where it is used as a visitors center. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

Martha's Bloomers
Navasota, TX
Martha's Bloomers, a home and garden shop, opened in 2000. I assume this giant teapot was built then or slightly thereafter. [map]

Steaming Kettle
Boston, MA
Kettle [gone]
Wells, ME
The 200-pound Steaming Kettle was cast in 1873 and put in place over the Oriental Tea Company teashop. In 1967, the Kettle was moved a few doors down to its present location. A Starbucks now occupies the building below. The Kettle's spout continues to emit steam. In 2016, the Kettle was removed for repairs after being hit by a truck. [map]

This Maine Kettle was located at the Johnson Hall Museum. It seemed to be a twin or a replica of the Boston kettle. There was an inscription on the side of this one with the volume, "227 gallons", which is the same as that of the kettle above. The kettle was removed by 2016. It is currently in storage in the basement. There are plans to restore it.

Stokesdale, NC
Tea Cups Ride
Wildwood, NJ
The Stokesdale Teapot was built for the Cook Family Restaurant. When that business closed, it was moved here to the Countryside Manor Retirement Home. [map]

This Tea Cups Ride is located on Morey's Pier. It features a giant English style teapot and cups. There is also another Mini Tea Cups kiddie ride here.

World's Largest Teapot
Chester, WV
The World's Largest Teapot was built in 1938. It is 14 feet tall and 14 feet in diameter. It was originally built as a giant barrel for a Hire's Root Beer stand in Oakdale, PA. When it was moved here, a spout and handle were added. A large ball was also put on top to make the roof look like a lid. The barrel was covered with tin to more closely resemble a teapot. Chester was the pottery capital of the U.S. until the early to mid-50s and the Teapot was a symbol of civic pride. According to one source, the Teapot used to have an accompanying giant creamer.

The Teapot stood in front of William Devon's pottery outlet store and served as a concession and souvenir stand. Food was served from the Teapot until the late 1960s, when lawn and garden supplies were found more profitable.

Sometime after 1971, the Teapot closed. It remained vacant until 1984 when C&P Telephone bought the land it was on. The Teapot was nearly demolished before it was donated to the City in 1987. It was then moved to various spots in town during fund-raising and restoration. Finally, a permanent location was established. The Teapot's doors and windows were sealed and it was repainted in the original red and white color scheme. It had been blue and white during the 1960s and then brown and white in the 1970s and 1980s.

A formal dedication ceremony was held in 1990 and the Teapot was put behind a chain link fence to protect it from vandals. In 2007, the Teapot was repainted again and the fencing was removed. The restoration was done as part of the Hampton Hotels' Save-A-Landmark program. In 2011, the Teapot was repainted again. These photos are from 2012. The teapot was repainted again in 2015. A smaller creamer was added at that time, too. The creamer was built in the mid-1970s and had been in storage for many years. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

The Teapot
Los Angeles, CA
The Teapot was built in 1931. In 1977, the building was housing the Seafood Hut. I assume it was originally a coffee shop. The entrance was probably a later addition. The building appeared to be vacant when these photos were taken in 2013. It is now used by an auto repair shop. Does anyone know more about this place? [map]

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Vallejo, CA
Elloree, SC [map]
Winnipeg, MB
Blackpool, England [vintage]

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