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Pint of Guinness
New York, NY
Cookie Jar House
Glendora, NJ
Libby's Fruit Cocktail Can
Sunnyvale, CA
This giant Pint of Guinness functions as a sign at the Perfect Pint. This Times Square location opened in 2006. For more, see this website. [map]

The Cookie Jar House was built in 1947. It was to be the first of several cookie jar houses but the others were never built. The three stories are connected by a spiral staircase. The round building originally had a flat roof and stucco exterior. The bricks were added later. [map]

The Libby's Fruit Cocktail Can water tower once supplied water to the Libby's plant, the largest cannery in the world. This water tower was built in 1965, replacing the original. The can itself is about 25 feet tall and is painted with a 1935 label. When the cannery was replaced with the Sunnyvale Industrial Park, the City required that the tower be spared. For more, see this website. [map]

Turpentine Can
Lake Placid, FL
Maple Syrup Can [gone]
St. Johnsbury, VT
This giant Turpentine Can functions as a trash can. It has been here since at least 2008. The turpentine industry was an important part in Lake Placid history. For more, see this website. [map]

The Maple Syrup Can stood in front of Maple Grove Farms when this photo was taken in 2005. The can was blown over in a storm in 2012 and damaged beyond repair. There are no plans to replace it.

Giant Maple Syrup Jugs:
Ferrisburgh, VT [map]
Pittsford, VT [map]

Shasta Can [gone]
Hayward, CA
2008: 2014:

Shasta Can
La Mirada, CA
The revolving Giant Shasta Can was located at the Shasta Beverages plant. It was built around 1966. The label was repainted from orange soda to lemon-lime soda. The Can had a Black Cherry label in 2005. The Can sign was removed around 2019.

An identical Giant Shasta Can is located at the Shasta Beverages in La Mirada. [map]

Giant Pepsi Can
Atmore, AL
Giant Six-Pack of Beer
La Crosse, WI
Giant Six-Pack of Beer
Laredo, TX
This Giant Pepsi Can recycling kiosk is located next to the Pepsi Bottling Group. It is 14 feet tall and was installed in 2010. [map]

The World's Largest Six-Pack of Beer is located at the City Brewery. The cans are over 54 feet tall and are used as holding tanks for beer. They hold enough to fill over seven million cans of beer. The Six-Pack was installed here by the Heileman Brewery which was founded in 1858 and closed in 1999. When Heileman was bought out by City Brewery, the Old Style painted labels were covered with white paint. The cans are now covered with vinyl La Crosse labels. Across the street from this Six-Pack is a statue of King Gambrinus, the King of Beer. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

The Six-Pack in Laredo has been here since at least 2007. The building has been used by various beer stores and has been painted with different brands. It was also painted as a Pepsi six-pack around 2005 when the store was known as the Super Six. The building was vacant when this photo was taken in 2018. In 2019, another beer business had moved in. The cans were painted green, white, and red and had some beer labels. They are now painted gold. There is a similar six-pack building in Mission, TX that might have been built by the same company for a beverage business. [map]

Potosi Beer Can
Potosi, WI
Beer Can
Bovina, TX
Giant Budweiser Beer Can
Lavaca, AR
This Potosi Beer Can was based on the company's 1950s design. It is installed next to the former Potosi Brewery. The Can is about 40 feet tall. It may have been used as a silo originally. [map]

This Beer Can is located in front of the Cattleguard liquor store. It was installed sometime after 2013. [map]

This Giant Budweiser Beer Can is located at Belle Point Ranch. The owner, David McMahon, was a cattle breeder and beer distributor. He had one of his silos painted like Budweiser can by Earl Harris in 1975-1976. [map]

More Beer Cans:
Fitger's (Duluth, MN)
Coors (Baker City, OR) [gone]

Campbell's Soup Can
Fort Collins, CO
This Campbell's Soup Can was installed here in 1981 at the Colorado State University Center for the Arts. There was an Andy Warhol exhibit here at the time and the Soup Can was signed by Warhol. These photos are from 2012. The Can was restored in 2013. For more, see this website. [map]

Campbell's Soup Can
Eastland, TX
Orlando Milkhouse
Orlando, FL
This Campbell's Soup Can was built by Cathi Ball in 2002 for the Eastland Outdoor Art Museum. It is 15 feet tall. The sculpture is a tribute to Andy Warhol and pop art. [map]

The Orlando Milkhouse opened in 2021. it is located in the Milk District, named after the T.G. Lee Dairy which is located nearby. [map]

Milk Carton [gone]
Ontario, Canada
Milk Carton
Mount Airy, NC
Milk Carton
Goldsboro, NC
Milk Carton [gone]
Fayetteville, NC
Milk Carton
Jacksonville, NC
Milk Carton
Myrtle Beach, SC
Milk Carton
Athens, GA
Milk Carton
Cleveland, OH
I assume this Canadian Carton is no longer there. There was one in Thunder Bay that served as a ticket booth but its design looked significantly different.

The 12 feet tall Milk Carton in Mount Airy revolves on an eight-foot-tall pole. It is made of metal and was built in the 1940s for Coble Dairy. In this photo from around 2000, it advertised for the Flav-o-Rich dairy behind it. It has since been repainted to reflect the change to Pet Milk. [map]

The Milk Cartons in Goldboro and Fayetteville are identical to the giant quart in Mount Airy. They no longer revolve. These giant cartons used to advertise for Flav-o-Rich and were repainted for Pet Milk. By 2016, the Goldsboro carton had been painted white. [map]

By 2015, the Fayetteville carton had been painted white. By 2016, it was gone.

The Milk Carton in Jacksonville is the only half gallon version that I know of. This plant was still open in 2012. By 2017, the carton had been painted white. [map]

The Milk Carton in Myrtle Beach looks like it may have revolved, too, at one time. It probably advertised for a milk company at one time (same location?) but now promotes a cold storage facility. [map]

The Milk Carton in Athens was installed at the Dairy-Pak plant which produced paper cartons. The company is long gone. By 2008, the carton had been painted for CSA, the Collections Services of Athens. [map]

The Milk Carton in Cleveland acts as a sign for the Parkwood Drive Thru, a convenience store. [map]

Siskiyou Dairy
Yreka, CA
Dairy Foods
Portland, OR
Houlton Farms
Dairy Bar
Presque Isle, ME
Houlton Farms Dairy Bar
Houlton, ME
Valley Dairy
Grand Forks, ND
milk carton
Sylacauga, AL
The milk carton at the North Siskiyou Dairy had different plastic panels in 2007. [map]

The milk carton at the Sunshine Dairy Foods plant was installed in the early 1960s. It may be the same one that appears in this magazine clipping. [map]

These two Houlton Farms Dairy Bars feature giant milk cartons. I believe these are the only two locations. The Houlton Farms Dairy was established in 1938. The Presque Isle milk carton was repainted in 2021. [Presque Isle map]; [Houlton map]

There are a few other Valley Dairy convenience stores around town. I don't know if any of them had milk cartons on the roof. [map]

The milk carton in Sylacauga is located in front of a former dairy. I believe it was known as Dark's Dairy. [map]

More Giant Milk Cartons & Jugs:
Batesville, AR
San Francisco, CA [building and both cartons gone]
Fair Oaks, IN [map]
Minneapolis, MN [gone]
Eden, NC [map]
Mt. Ulla, NC
Evans City, PA
Toronto, ON [map]
Liverpool, UK

Ice Cream Carton
Memphis, TN
Ice Cream Bucket
Dartmouth, MA
The Memphis Ice Cream Carton bore the Angel Food label until at least 2007 when this photo was taken. The revolving carton measures 15 feet tall by 20 feet wide. It stands in front of what was the Angel Food production plant alongside I-240. The plant has since been taken over by Baskin-Robbins and the cup was repainted in 2009 with their label. For more, see [map]

The Ice Cream Bucket was built in 1929 and originally housed the Gulf Hill Dairy ice cream stand in South Dartmouth. The building had a top and more windows then. There was once another glass-fronted building for watching the cows being milked. The Bucket's handle blew off during a hurricane in the 1950s. The building was being used by the Children's Museum when the two photos at the left were taken in 2001. When it closed, local residents fought to save it. It was moved to Apponagansett Park in Dartmouth in 2003 where it was restored (2006 photos at right). The building is used to sell ice cream and snacks during special events. [map]

Supreme Coffee & Donut
Seekonk, MA
Cedar Bucket
Oxford, MS
The Supreme Coffee & Donut was originally an ice cream place (Hilton's?). It was built in the 1930s or 1940s and meant to look like an ice cream freezer with a giant handle at the side (now missing). I believe the boxy building was added later. The similarity of this building to the Ice Cream Bucket in Dartmouth described above may indicate that they were built by the same person, around the same time. In 1984, the place was known as the Golden Bucket. In 2021, the building remodeled for Solar Cannabis. The bucket detail remains but the windows are gone. For more, see this website. [map]

This Cedar Bucket was built in 1985 for the Cedar Bucket Furniture Company. It is seven feet tall and six feet wide. [map]

More Ice Cream Buckets:
Old Town Churn Ice Cream (Fort Collins, CO)

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