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Spud was a red and white Chihuahua, though not "regulation". He was the "Deer Type" with a long face and pointy nose. The preferred conformation variety has a round "Apple Head" with a short nose. He lived to about 15 years old, weighed about 6 pounds, stood 9" at the withers. I adopted him at approximately 4 years of age.

Spuddie was not the rugged outdoor or athletic type. He preferred lounging in the sun - indoors, please! But he tolerated our traveling lifestyle (managed to find a French fry or piece of candy in every hotel room). He used to put in the same mileage as the bigger dogs on our hikes.

Spud was rescued from a vet's office. His owners claimed he was sick all the time and that they could not afford it anymore. He was bone-thin, missing lots of hair and they were going to have him put down. The needle was on the table when my friend stepped in to save him. He was not sick a single day when I had him.

Spudlet had the sweetest temperament. He loved children and attention from anyone. He was not at all the yapping, biting stereotypical little dog. He was still very playful even when he got older and had poor eyesight. Spud never liked the cold (or wearing coats and sweaters) so he didn't go for long walks if the temperature dipped below 60 degrees.

Spudster went through a couple years of agility training. Given enough time, he could certainly make it around a course, but it was never his passion and he saw no need to go fast. He was especially cautious about the see-saw and dogwalk. He had a well-founded fear of heights due to his clumsy nature even when he was younger.

In his later years, "Mr. Magoo" was pretty feeble. Every shadow was a potential dangerous abyss so he didn't walk on leash well. He had a comfortable life with lots of blankets, sun, and grass (when the temperature permitted). Spud enjoyed barking in unison with his sisters or when it was time for another meal. Despite being completely toothless, he had a voracious appetite all his life.

I will always miss the little guy and his "life is bliss" attitude. For Spuddie, there were never enough faces to kiss and reasons to wag your tail.

Spud's Accomplishments: He passed his CGC test (Canine Good Citizen) with flying colors. He also won numerous Kissing Contests. He lost a Tail-Wagging Contest only once (to a Rottie with a stub!). He was the undefeated champion at Camp Gone to the Dogs, having won the Tail-Wagging Contest for four consecutive years.

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