Maryland Signs

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Baltimore Gunsmith [gone]
Baltimore, MD
Tochterman Tackle
Baltimore, MD
The Baltimore Gunsmith opened in 1904. The metal sign depicted a Colt Revolver. This photo is from 2010. The store was closed at that point. The sign was gone by 2014.

Tochterman Tackle opened in 1916. The sign was created in 1938 and repainted in 1989. [map]

Laundry [gone]
Baltimore, MD
Dutch Mill
Lounge [gone]
Baltimore, MD
Blue Diamond Trucking [gone]
Baltimore, MD
The McInnes Laundry is still in business but the sign was sold for scrap in 2012. This photo is from 2004.

The Dutch Mill Lounge closed around 2003. This photo is from 2004. The sign is now in a private collection.

The Blue Diamond Trucking building appeared to be vacant but this sign remained when this photo was taken in 2010. By 2012, the building and sign were gone.

United Sanitary
Chemicals Co.
Baltimore, MD
New China Inn
Baltimore, MD
Diamond Seat Covers [gone]
Baltimore, MD
The restored United Sanitary Chemicals Co. and New China Inn signs are located inside the Maryland Center for History and Culture, visible from the outside window. Both of these signs were previously located at businesses in Baltimore. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

The Diamond Seat Covers sign was installed on the roof of an unidentified car repair shop when this photo was taken in 2010. By 2014, the sign was gone.

Mr. Boh
Baltimore, MD
The giant Mr. Boh sign is on the roof of the former National Bohemian beer brewery. This sign was created in 2004 when the brewery buildings were converted to shops and offices. In 2022, the sign's neon was replaced with LED and his winking eye no longer works. I assume the painted wall sign is also from the same time. Mr. Boh, aka Natty Boh, has been an advertising icon for the company since the 1950s. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Two O'Clock Club
Baltimore, MD
Goldberg's Liquors
Baltimore, MD
Red Goose Shoes
Baltimore, MD
The Two O'Clock Club sign hangs above the most famous club on "The Block", three or four blocks of burlesque shops and strippers. The club is owned by Bella Fleming, aka Blaze Starr, a retired striptease artist who made the place so popular in the 1950s. [map]

The Goldberg's Liquors sign was recently restored. [map]

This Red Goose Shoes sign is installed inside Geppi's Entertainment Museum. I don't know where it was located originally.

More Baltimore:
29th Street Tavern
B&O Tavern [map]
Buck Appliance Co. [map]
Cross Street Market: 1, 2, 3
Dead Freddie's [gone]
Domino Sugars
Goetze's Meats
O'Donnell TV [map]
Mt. Royal Tavern
Pepsi [gone]
Utz Potato Chips [gone]

Bel Alton:
Bel Alton Motel

Veteran's Liquor
Beltsville, MD
Harry Footer & Co.
Drive-in Cleaners
Cumberland, MD
Ruhl Studios
Cumberland, MD
Taylor's Furniture
Jewelry & Appliances
Ellicott City, MD
This Veteran's Liquor sign features light bulbs for the man's eyes. The sign appears to be from the 1950s. At some point between 2015 and 2017, the neon was removed and the letters were replaced with backlit plastic versions. [map]

Harry Footer & Co. Drive-in Cleaners is gone but this sign remains. [map]

Ruhl Studios is also closed but this sign is still there. [map]

Taylor's Furniture Jewelry & Appliances opened in 1942 and this sign is probably from that time. That store is gone but this sign remains. Taylor's Antiques now occupies the ground floor of this building. [map]

Cadillac Motel [gone]

Craig's Drugs
Lednum's Jewelers [gone]

More Cumberland:
Parkview Liquor Store [gone]
Peskins Department Store

Masonic Building

Hill's Drugs

Terrace Motel
White Elk Motel

Howard House Tavern [gone]

More Ellicott City:
Caplan's Department Store

Freez King [gone]
Frederick, MD
Dairy Maid
Dairy [gone]
Frederick, MD
American Legion
Frostburg, MD
Hyattsville, MD
Freez King opened in 1966. The place served sandwiches as well as ice cream. Freez King closed in 2009 and this sign was placed in storage. It reopened in 2011, using the same name but with new owners and a new sign. For more, see this website.

I don't know if Dairy Maid Dairy still operates in this building. This photo is from 2006. The milk bottle was still there in 2015 but gone by 2016.

This American Legion sign is probably from the 1950s. For more, see this website. [map]

This Westinghouse sign is installed on the roof of the Hyattsville Hardware Co. building which closed in 1992. There was another sign like this one in Rowland, NC. [map]

Charles A. Gibney Florist

Havre de Grace:

H.J. Poist
Turf Motel [map]

Merle Norman Cosmetics [map]

Marlow Heights:
Marlow Heights Shopping Center

Main's Ice Cream
Middletown, MD
Slide & Ride [gone]
Ocean City, MD
Anthony's Beer & Wine
Ocean City, MD
Alamo Court [gone]
Ocean City, MD
Main's Ice Cream was originally produced and sold at a store in this building. Ice cream production ceased in 1969. The building now houses the Main Cup coffee shop and other businesses. The sign was restored in 2018. For more, see this website. [map]

The Slide & Ride sign was part of Playland, a former amusement park, which was probably built in the 1960s. The sign was destined for the dump but saved and moved to a new location. Its wording was changed to reflect its new name. The Slide & Ride was a water park with mini golf, batting cages, bumper boats and water-gun wars. However, when I went looking for the place in 2009, it seemed to be gone.

Anthony's Beer & Wine has an animated plastic and neon sign. I believe Anthony's opened in the 1980s but I don't know if this sign preceded their business. For more, see this website. [map]

The Alamo Court was built in 1945 and was the oldest motel in Ocean City. This sign appeared to be from the 1950s. It was gone by 2023.

Three B's
Bakery & Lunch
Pasadena, MD
Masonic Lodge
Thurmont, MD
Cozy Restaurant [gone]
Thurmont, MD
The Three B's Bakery & Lunch pig sign on its roof was installed in the early 1950s by the barbecue restaurant that was there previously. It was kept in place when the bakery moved there in 1957. The 18-foot-tall sign was apparently updated at some point to show a donut on the pig's tray. This photo is from 2006. In 2007, the sign's neon was restored. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

This Masonic Lodge sign is the only three-dimensional one that I know of. This photo is from 2010. By 2012, the sign had been painted gold and the neon was restored. It is now a projecting sign rather than a hanging sign. [map]

As the sign said, the Cozy Restaurant was established in 1929. This sign was probably from the 1950s. By 2014, the neon sign had been replaced with new panels and backlit plastic letters. The restaurant closed in 2014 and has been demolished. For more, see this website.

White Plains
Walls Bakery [map]

Windsor Mill:
Golden Dragon [gone]

Franklintown Inn

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