Washington Mid-Century Modern Banks

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former Washington Mutual Savings Bank
Bellevue, WA
This former Washington Mutual Savings Bank was designed by Bindon, Wright & Partners and built in 1967. The building housed Estate Interiors when this photo was taken in 2015. Around 2018, the building began housing Luther Burbank Savings. [map]

Umpqua Bank
Clarkston, WA
This Umpqua Bank branch was built in 1973. I don't know what bank this building housed originally. [map]

Key Bank

Key Bank

former bank
Everett, WA
This former bank in Everett was built around 1965. The building now houses the Village Theatre/Cope Gillette Theatre. [map]

Puget Sound National Bank

Longview Savings & Loan

Bank of America
North Bend, WA
This Bank of America branch appears to be from the 1950s or 1960s. [map]

Olympia Federal Savings Bank
Olympia, WA
This Olympia Federal Savings Bank branch was designed by Bennett & Johnson and built in 1967. For more, see this website. [map]

former Capital Savings & Loan
Olympia, WA
The Capital Savings & Loan bank was designed by Sibold & Nesland and built in 1963. The interior featured a small bridge over pools of water. The building housed the Big Whisky Saloon when these photos were taken in 2015. Around 2017, the building began housing the Level Nightclub. That business has closed. In 2018, the owner applied for National Register status and expressed interest in restoring the building. The building is still vacant. For more, see this website. [map]

Wells Fargo Bank
Parkland, WA
The Wells Fargo Bank branch was built around 1970. [map]

Old National Bank

National Bank of Commerce
Seattle First National Bank
Washington Federal Savings & Loan

Bank of America

Global Credit Union [gone]
Spokane, WA
The Global Credit Union building appears to be from the 1960s or 1970s. This building was demolished around 2019.

Tapco Credit Union
Tacoma, WA
The Tapco Credit Union building was built in 1961 as a Puget Sound National Bank branch. This photo is from 2015. The building has been vacant since around 2019. [map]

former Seattle First National Bank
Wenatchee, WA
This Seattle First National Bank was built in 1955. The building housed a Washington Federal Bank when these photos were taken in 2016. It previously housed a Bank of America. In 2018, the building was vacant. By 2022, the building had been painted gray and was housing retail space. [map]

Wells Fargo Bank
Yakima, WA
This Wells Fargo Bank branch was built in 1968 as a National Bank of Washington. It was designed by Cowen, Paddock & Hollingbery. [map]

former Vancouver Federal Savings and Loan
Vancouver, WA
2008: 2015:
This former Vancouver Federal Savings and Loan was designed by Day Hilborn and built in 1960. Since around 2012, the building has housed a Chase Bank. [map]