Louisiana Mid-Century Modern Buildings (page 1)

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former Carousel Lounge
Shreveport, LA


The Carousel Lounge was designed by Barr & Smith and built in 1963. Since at least 2007, the building housed the Fat Cats Lounge. In 2013, the business became known as the Round Bar. The original round bar is intact and still revolves. The neon on top of the sign probably featuring flashing neon. For more, see this website. [map]

former First National Bank of Shreveport parking garage
Shreveport, LA
The former First National Bank of Shreveport parking garage was designed by Evans & Evans and built from 1974-1975. The garage is now known as the 425 Travis St. Garage. [map]

Haverty's Furniture
Shreveport, LA
Highland View Tower Apartments
Shreveport, LA
Haverty's Furniture was designed by Wilson & Sandifer and built in 1968. The building now houses the Skent-n-Dent Appliance Outlet. [map]

The Highland View Tower Apartments was designed by Frey & Huddleston in 1960. It was built in 1964 as The Fountains apartment building. The apartments are shaped like pie slices. The building was renovated around 2020 as the View Tower Apartments. The panels below the windows are blue now. [map]

Flake House
Shreveport, LA
The round Flake House was designed by Frey & Huddleston. It was built in 1959 for the doctor, Ernest B. Flake. [map]

Shreve City Regional Shopping Center
Shreveport, LA
The Shreve City Regional Shopping Center was designed by Wiener, Morgan, and O'Neal and built in 1961. The word "Regional" was later dropped from the name. The round building in the shopping center that now houses What's On Tap? sports bar and Daiquiri Express was part of the original shopping center. It originally housed the Liquor Mart and the New-Way Cleaners and Laundry. [map]

Mall St. Vincent
Shreveport, LA
The Mall St. Vincent was designed by Derwood Quade of General Growth Properties It was built from 1975-1976. It had two anchor stores: Sears and Dillard's and about 50 smaller stores. Sears closed in 2018 but Dillard's remains open. [map]

Southgate Bowling Center
Shreveport, LA
The Southgate Bowling Center was designed by E.E. Beran and built in 1960. It has been closed since at least 2007. However, the building is still vacant and the signs are still there. [map]