Connecticut Mid-Century Modern Residential Buildings

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Richard Foster House
Wilton, CT
The Richard Foster House is also known as the Round House, the Rotating House and the Carrousel House. The designer, Richard T. Foster, referred to it as the Circambulent House. Foster was a partner of Philip Johnson. The two-bedroom house was built from 1966-1968. Its wiring allows for preset, 360 degree rotation of the house to change the views and sun exposure throughout the day. The entrance is via a steep spiral staircase and the building overlooks a pond. For more, see this website. [map]

Celanese House
New Canaan, CT
The Celanese House was designed by Edward Durell Stone and built in 1959. It was commissioned by the Celanese Corporation of America to showcase its products. The house features twelve pyramidal skylights. [map]

Evans House
New Canaan, CT
The Evans House was designed by James Evans and built in 1961. It features a hyperbolic paraboloid roof.

Spaceship House
Guilford, CT
This Spaceship House was built in the late 1980s but I'll include it in this section anyway. Officially called the Whitfield Shore Condominiums, the building was designed by Wilfred J.O. Armster. [map]