Virginia Mini Golf

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Tiny Town Miniature Golf
Lynchburg, VA
Tiny Town Miniature Golf opened in 1966. It closed around 2010 but reopened in 2018. The sign is made of wood. It has classic vintage features including a windmill, lighthouse, schoolhouse, and pinball machine. This course was most likely created by the Taylor Brothers who were one of the earliest and most prolific designers. The brick, stonework, and obstacles are typical of the company's courses. Another early example of the Taylor Brothers work is Fairmount Glen in Syracuse, NY. [map]

Putt Putt Golf n Games
Lynchburg, VA
Just down the road from Tiny Town is this Putt-Putt Golf. Putt-Putt courses, founded in 1953, have always focused on challenge rather than fantasy. Don Clayton designed the original courses with skill rather than luck in mind. Emphasis was placed on smooth, level greens and obstacles were positioned to still offer a straight shot at the hole. Today's courses reflect this same philosophy. In the late 1970s, Putt-Putt began adding rides and other amusements to offset declining interest in miniature golf.

This Lynchburg course is no exception with emphasis on cleanliness and simplicity. A few wild animals are scattered around but not as many as later Putt-Putts. The lights suggests that this is an updated course rather than a more modern one. The giant, crossed putters are also installed at the Putt-Putt in Martinez, GA. [map]

16th Street Mini Golf [gone]
Virginia Beach, VA
16th Street Mini Golf was previously known as Around the World Mini Golf and retained many of the original features and figures. These photos are from 2007. Around 2008, the course was replaced with condos.

Harrisonburg Mini Golf [gone]
Harrisonburg, VA
Harrisonburg Mini Golf appeared to have been abandoned for at least several years when these photos were taken in 2003. By 2010, the course and sign were gone.

Upton Hill Park Mini Golf
Arlington, VA
The Upton Hill Park Mini Golf was designed by Jim Bryan who designed theme courses for many years and was dubbed the father of mini golf by Sports Illustrated. The holes are both sweet and clever. Hole #10 is a 140' monster and was once the world's longest until Rocky Gorge Golf (and some other newcomers) took the title. The course features waterfalls, streams, and nice landscaping. There are also batting cages, a swimming pool, and hiking trails. For more, see this website. [map]

Perils of the Lost Jungle
at Woody's Golf Range [gone]
Herndon, VA
Woody's Perils of the Lost Jungle features swinging monkeys, shrunken heads, spitting lizards, hissing alligators, dense foliage, a fog machine, and sound effects galore. Around 2002, Woody's remodeled its run-down traditional course to what it is today. Most of the props came from Advanced Animation which created the Revenge of the Mummy ride for Universal Studios theme parks. Woody's also had a driving range and batting cages. In 2015, Woody's closed and the course was demolished. The place was looking to reopen at a new location but that never happened. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2.

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