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Sunburst Mini Golf [gone]
Ocean City, MD
The Sunburst Mini Golf was a simple and unassuming classic. It was sparse and simple with old-style lights for night-time play. This photo is from 2001. By 2009, the course was gone.

Bamboo Golf [gone]
Ocean City, MD
Just down the block from the Sunburst was Bamboo Golf with wonderful animals and fun structures. This course was demolished by 2009.

Ice Land Golf [gone]
Ocean City, MD
Ice Land Golf had a North course and South course (a reference to the North and South Poles?). The courses featured igloos, glaciers and mechanical grizzly bears that snatched salmon from the water. These photos are from 2001. By 2009, this place was gone.

Mitchell's Golf Complex
Reisterstown, MD
Mitchell's Golf Complex was built in 1972 and is as charming as it is challenging. It features three miniature golf courses: Regular, Championship and Monster in the Pines. According to management, the Monster in the Pines course has the longest holes in five states (leaving you to wonder what states we're talking about and where the longer ones are). Many of the holes seem to stretch out into infinity or wrap back upon themselves in maze-like fashion. The Regular course has sweet, old-fashioned elements like a barn, a giant pinball game, a lighthouse, etc.

The Championship course offers angled clubs with has chip-and-putt style targets and elevated tees. I have never seen this approach to miniature golf. You wail away at the bulls-eye target to get the best shot towards the hole. There is good reason for all that chain-link protective fencing! Many of these holes also have difficult water traps and angles. There are also some very long holes on this course as well. All three courses have eighteen holes and traditional brick and concrete framing. Mitchell's also has a driving range and batting cages. It has previously gone by the names of Tom Mitchell's Golf Gridiron and the Mid-Atlantic Golf Center. For more, see this website. [map]

Putt-Putt Golf [gone]
Rockville, MD
The Rockville Putt-Putt features the classic holes with lavish landscaping. It was built in 1962 but, by 2007, it was gone.

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