Bottle Houses

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This is an archived section. It is no longer linked to the Home Page of my website. Too many sections, too many topics pulling me in different directions. So, I will leave this section be and not remove the pages because I hope folks that land here will find the information and photos useful. But I won't be actively updating or adding things here.

This section is devoted to houses and other structures created predominantly with bottles. For the most part, bottles were used because they were free and easy to work with. Despite most of their creators' limited experience in construction, and exposure to desert heat, winter snow and neglect, the houses have stood up pretty well. Many of the builders speak of a spiritual atmosphere of the buildings' interiors. When the sun hits the bottles, there are said to be kaleidoscopic rays and a stained glass effect. Bottle houses seem to be almost entirely a North American phenomenon.

Tio's Tacos (Riverside, CA)
Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village (Simi Valley, CA)
Rockome Gardens (Arcola, IL)
Charlie Yelton's Bottle Houses (Forest City, NC)
Tom Kelly's Bottle House (Rhyolite, NV)
Doc Hope's Bottle House (Hillsville, VA)
Plumb's Bottle Castle (British Columbia, Canada)
Other Bottle Houses

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