Missouri Statues

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Farmer and Son [gone]
St. Louis, MO
The St. Louis Farmer and Son stood in front of the Sappington Farmers Market. The store called the 18-foot-tall fiberglass statue "Farmer Fred & his Son, Clyde." The store closed in 2012 and the statue was supposedly put in storage. The owners were looking for a new location and the statue was expected to return when one is found. In 2014, the statue was spotted east of the Soulard neighborhood laying on its back. It has since disappeared again.

St. Louis, MO
This Billiken sculpture was installed at St. Louis University in 1996. The Billiken is the school's mascot and students rub his belly for good luck. The bronze sculpture was built by James Reid. For more, see this website.

Pizza Inn
St. Louis, MO
Sir John Falstaff
St. Louis, MO
Big John
St. Louis, MO
The statues shown in the row above are part of the private collection of Bill Christman. I have not seen a Pizza Inn "Jo Jo" statue like this before but they must have been mass-produced. There was a similar statue in Helena, AR.

This Sir John Falstaff statue is from the 1950s and is believed to be one of only four produced. The character is a bit thinner than his earlier representations. He holds a bottle of Lemp beer in his right hand. His other hand probably held a glass of beer.

This Big John statue is displayed in two pieces. The upper part of the statue is in Christman's garden, the lower half stands in front of his gallery. These statues originally stood in front of Big John supermarkets. There are several of these statues left in Illinois and elsewhere.

Mark Twain
New London, MO
Kansas City, MO
This Mark Twain statue was built in 1984 by Larry Koelling. It stands in front of Clemens Landing, a campground. [map]

This Jesus statue is 25 feet tall. In 2008, it was installed next to I-35 in Kansas City. In 2009, the statue was moved to Divine Mercy Park. The statue was made of cast stainless steel by Dale Lamphere. [map]

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