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former Phillips 66
Eatontown, NJ
former Phillips 66 [gone]
Lodi, NJ
former Phillips 66 [gone]
Denville, NJ
This former Phillips 66 in Eatontown has housed several car washes in recent years. [map]

This former Phillips 66 in Lodi was being used for truck parking in 2003 when this photo was taken. In 2006, the building was demolished and replaced with a Valero gas station.

This former Phillips 66 in Denville has been drastically remodeled and the canopy has been removed since this photo was taken in 2003.

former Phillips 66 station
Closter, NJ
This Phillips 66 station was a CITGO station when these photos were taken in 2004. The pumps have been removed now and the building is used solely as a repair shop. [map]

More New Jersey Phillips 66:
Little Falls [map]

former station [gone]
Springfield, NJ
This former station was probably from the 1960s. I don't know what brand of gas was sold here originally. The building was vacant when this photo was taken in 2012. It was still vacant in 2015 and then demolished in 2016.

former Hess station
Hackettstown, NJ
Hess station
Rockaway, NJ
Hess station [gone]
Brick, NJ
Hess developed this building style in 1962. There were other stations like this in Florida and Georgia but I don't believe any are left there. In 2015, all Hess stations were rebranded as Speedway station. I believe all of the operating stations signs have been replaced.

In 2011, I was told that this Hess station office in Hackettstown would be demolished. The building was to be replaced with a larger Hess Express store. This photo is from 2011. However, the building was still there in 2013. In 2015, the signs on the building were replaced with Speedway signs. [map]

This photo of the Hess station in Rockaway is from 2011. By 2016, it was remodeled for a Mobil station. [map]

This photo of the Hess station in Rockaway was taken in 2012. In 2013, the building was demolished and replaced with a larger Hess Express store.

Delta station
Freehold, NJ
This Delta station appears to be from the 1960s or so. I don't know if this is the original brand that was sold here. I would assume the pyramid-like elements over the canopy are a representation of Delta's triangle logo. Is anyone familiar with other stations of this design and when they were built? [map]

Gulf station
Atlantic City, NJ
This Gulf station was built in the early 2000s. I believe this canopy design is unique. [map]

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