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former Beacon Oil station [gone]
Stoneham, MA
The Beacon Oil Company built between 35 and fifty of these "Colonial Filling Stations" around Boston. There was at least one in Connecticut. That station was in New London and was an Esso station by 1938. I believe the only survivors of this design are the four stations shown and described here. For more, see this website.

This Beacon Oil station in Stoneham was built in 1922. Before becoming an ice cream stand, this former station was used as a fruit stand and later as a florist. It began housing the Dairy Dome in 1980. The enclosed eating area was an addition. The Dairy Dome closed in 2016 and the building was sold. It was demolished around 2019.

former Beacon Oil station
Boston, MA
This Beacon Oil station was built in 1923. It was later a Humble gas station. It later housed Colby's Market, the Boston Food Club, and a used car lot office. The building now houses New Market Pizza & Grill. [map]

former Beacon Oil station
Malden, MA
This Beacon Oil station is now used by Maria's Pizzeria. In the 1970s, this building housed an Esso station. [map]

former Beacon Oil station
Woburn, MA
This Beacon Oil station had been a Best Gas station since at least the late 1980s. The globe-like structure on top of the building is original and now missing from the other three stations. There was a lamp inside the structure that was lit at night. Sometime after 2012, the station closed and the pumps were removed. The building remains vacant. [map]

former station
Newton, MA
This former station has been converted into a gym for condo buildings that have been built behind it. The station appears to have been built in the 1920s or 1930s. The bay building was probably an addition. [map]

former station
Andover, MA
former station
Orange, MA
This former station in Andover was built in 1928. It was last used as a gas station in 1972. It later housed Settles Glass. However, when this photo was taken in 2010, the building was vacant. In 2012, the building was demolished and a bank branch was built with a similar look but with a walled-up spaced under the simulated canopy. [map]

This former station in Orange housed Grand Slam Auto when this photo was taken in 2011. The building now houses Leslie's Garage. The building was probably originally the same width as the canopy. [map]

former station
Lawrence, MA
This former station housed Action Press when this photo was taken in 2010. By 2016, the building had been remodeled. The canopy was removed and the tiles were missing from the roof. The building now houses a pizza parlor, a locksmith, and a constable's office. [map]

former station [gone]
Somerville, MA
This former station last housed Dodakin's Auto Sales and Garage. It sold gas under the canopy at one time. The building was demolished in 2017. [photos thanks Doug Dodds]

Crawford's Mobil
Pittsfield, MA
Crawford's Mobil was built in the 1920s as a Woodleigh filling station. The building had a canopy then. At some point, it became a Mobil station. There was a Mobil Pegasus sign over the office until around 2007. It was reinstalled after these photos from 2011. Although there are no longer any pumps, the Mobil Service sign remains over the bays in 2014. [map]

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