Giant Apple Statues

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The Little Apple
Thaxton, VA
Giant Apple
Winchester, VA
Giant Apple
Winchester, VA
Giant Apple
Winchester, VA
Giant Apple
Winchester, VA
The Thaxton Apple is installed on a pole in front of the Thaxton Market. This giant apple was created by Mark Cline. [map]

There are several Winchester Apples around town. Winchester claims to be the Apple Capital of the World. 12 million bushels are harvested there each year. The first two shown here are located downtown. The third one is at Apple Valley Office Products. The fourth one is located near Clear Choice Printing. The first apple has been around since 1927. The other three were part of the Apples on Parade project. In 2005, 19 eight-foot-tall apples were painted by local artists. For more, see this website. Maps: [1], [2], [3], [4]

Giant Apple
Marblehead, OH
Big Apple
Cornelia, GA
Giant Apple
Martinsburg, WV
Giant Apple
Bayfield, WI
Giant Apple
Egg Harbor, WI
This Giant Apple in Marblehead was located at the Bergman Orchards stand. It has been there since 1992. This photo is from 2005. The Apple is put out on display in September and October, during apple-picking season. [map]

This Big Apple in Cornelia is seven feet tall and made of steel and cement. It was built in 1925 as a tribute to local apple growers. It was created in Winchester, VA which promptly built a larger apple for themselves. [map]

This Giant Apple in Martinsburg was dedicated in 1990. [map]

This Giant Apple in Bayfield was installed at Weber Orchards. I think this Apple might be gone now. [map]

This Giant Apple in Egg Harbor is located at the Wood Orchard Market. It appears to be from the same mold as the ones in Winchester (see above). [map]

Giant Apple
Medina, NY
Giant Apple
Westminster, MD
Giant Apple
Edgerton, WI
The Giant Apple in Medina is located in Lion's Park. It was created by Richard D. Bannister and installed in 2000. [map]

The Giant Apple in Westminster is installed in front of Baugher Apple Orchard and Packing House. [map]

The Giant Apple in Edgerton is located next to I-90. Red Apple Enterprises occupies what looks like a former gas station at the tower's base. The Red Apple Car Wash was located here previously. The tower probably supported the gas station's sign originally. Does anyone know how long this apple has been here or more about it? There was another giant apple on a trailer behind the building which is gone now. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Apple Core
Cupertino, CA
Giant Apple Core & Ant
Grand Junction, CO
The Giant Apple Core in Cupertino was installed sometime between 2017 and 2019. The fiberglass statue serves as a bench. [map]

The Giant Apple Core & Ant in Grand Junction is entitled "Breakfast." It has been there since at least 2010. It was created by Terry Burnett. [map]

Candy Apple
Cloverdale, CA
2016: 2022:
The Candy Apple in Cloverdale was created by M.C. Carolyn and donated to the city. It was installed in town in 2014 next to the La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant. It is now located in front of the library. The Gravenstein apple is about 8 feet wide. [map]

Apple Chairs
Webster Groves, MO
There are several of these Apple Chairs scattered around the "Old Orchard" district. They were created by Bob Cassilly and have been here since at least 2005. For more, see this website. [map]

Giant Apple
Grand Rapids, MI
Giant Apples
Riverhead, NY
Candy Apple Orchard
Elysburg, PA
The Grand Rapids Apple is at Robinette's Apple Haus & Gift Barn which has been around since 1911. The "Big Apple" was built in 1973 of urethane foam. It has been repaired many times over the years and is now covered with fiberglass. [map]

Three Riverhead Apples were installed in front of Apple Honda when these photos were taken in 2007. There was a large one and two smaller ones flanking the driveway. By 2015, the smaller apples appeared to be gone. [map]

The Candy Apple Orchard is a concession stand at Knoebels Amusement Park. For more, see this website.

Big Apple
Meaford, ON
The Meaford Apple is used as a tourist information booth. It was built in 1974 from spruce and fiberglass. It is 15 feet in diameter. The plans for the Giant Tomato in Leamington, ON were adapted for the construction of this building. In 2014, the Apple was put up for sale. However, public reaction has been so strong that the structure will probably stay or be moved. It was still there in 2021. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Big Red Apple [gone]
Aylmer, ON
Giant Apple
Brampton, ON
Big Apple
Colborne, ON
The Big Red Apple functions as a produce stand in front of Rokeby Orchards. The business closed in 2020 and the Apple is gone now.

The Giant Apple in Brampton stands in front of the Apple Factory. There are actually three identical giant apples here marking the driveways. For more, see this website. [map]

The Big Apple is 35 feet tall, making it the world's largest apple. There is a staircase to an observation deck on top. There is also a restaurant, petting zoo, and mini golf course on the property. These photos are from 2007. Around 2014, a face was painted on the Apple. [map]

Apple Boulders
Perris, CA
The Apple Boulders were originally painted to look like apple slices by Neil Larson in 1983. They are repainted from time to time. [map]

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