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Enchanted Forest [gone/moved]
Ellicott City, MD

at Elioak Farm

The Enchanted Forest opened in 1955 and closed in 1989. It was the first theme park in MD and the second theme park in the U.S. (Disneyland being first). After it closed, it sat for many years boarded up behind fencing (top four rows of photos). There was also a Dentzel carousel outside the fencing, intact but covered with tarps. It was supposedly donated to the Baltimore Zoo (now known as the Maryland Zoo). However, I've spoken with people there and I don't believe the carousel was ever moved there.

The park was bought by a real estate developer and a shopping mall was built right next to it. It briefly reopened in 1994 but closed again soon afterwards. Various preservation groups and individuals worked towards the reopening of the park to no avail. In 2005, many of the figures were moved to nearby Elioak Farm where they were restored and put on display for the public. The king statue and sign were integrated into the shopping mall sign. The castle entrance and the storybook sign were also preserved at the original site. These photos are from 2006. In 2015, it was announced that the castle and dragon, as well some of the remaining figures would also be moved to Elioak Farm. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3.

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