Georgia Fairy Tale Parks

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Fairyland Caverns
Lookout Mountain, GA
Fairyland Caverns is considered to be the first fairy tale park. The photos here don't do the place justice. The statues are lit by ultraviolet light which seems to baffle my camera. It only seems capable of producing blurry but colorful photos or overexposed yet clear images with the flash. In person, these scenes are a lot more fun and moody.

Fairyland Caverns is part of the Rock City tourist attraction that was founded by Garnet and Frieda Carter in 1932. In 1947, they began drilling through the rock to create the cave for Fairyland Caverns. The narrow path has little gnome dioramas and fairy tale scenes every ten feet or so. In 1964, the Carters commissioned the "Mother Goose Village" which is located towards the end of the cave's path. There are dozens of fairy tale depictions at the center of this large room. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3.

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