NEBA Roast Beef

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NEBA Roast Beef
(1965 advertisement)
The NEBA Roast Beef chain was founded in the mid-1960s. The chain was an offshot of Mike's Submarines. It is believed that NEBA stood for "Nicest Eating Beef Around." There are not any operating locations left but there are a few fairly intact buildings. If you have more info about the chain or know of any other existing buildings, I'd love to hear from you. For more, see this website. [scan above thanks Larry Cultrera]

former NEBA Roast Beef
Queensbury, NY
This former NEBA Roast Beef building now houses Mr. B's Best. The restaurant still specializes in roast beef sandwiches. This building originally had yellow trim along the roofline. The interior has been greatly modified. [map]

former NEBA Roast Beef
Quincy, MA
The former NEBA Roast Beef has housed an electronics store, a pet store, and a pharmacy. The building now houses a nail salon. The original exterior remains pretty much intact. [map]

former NEBA Roast Beef [gone]
Hollywood, FL
This former NEBA Roast Beef opened in the mid-1960s. When these photos were taken in 2009, it was occupied by a Papa Johns pizza restaurant. Papa Johns moved out in 2013 and, by 2014, this building was demolished. There are reports of at least a couple locations in Miami, FL but I don't believe those buildings still exist.

former NEBA Roast Beef
Pensacola, FL
This former NEBA Roast Beef building now houses Direct Auto Insurance. [map]

former NEBA Roast Beef
St. Louis, MO
This former NEBA Roast Beef was built in 1969. The building now houses the Sunrise Chinese restaurant. [map]
More NEBA Roast Beef:
Hollywood, FL [vintage; gone]
Lake George, NY [vintage; gone]

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