Maine Ice Cream Stands & Soda Parlors

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Dutch Treat
Wilton, ME
Polar Treat
Perry, ME
The Dutch Treat was built in 1963 starting with the A-frame structure to the left. The owner got the idea for using an A-frame from his travels to someplace in New York. In 1966, the Dutch Treat added the windmill, based on a lamp the owner brought back from Holland. The Dutch Treat started out as an ice cream stand and added other foods over the years. For more, see this website. [map]

The Polar Treat is another A-frame ice cream stand. [map]

York Beach Dairy Bar
York, ME
Brown's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream
York, ME
The York Beach Dairy Bar is directly across the street from the beach. [map]

Brown's Ice Cream opened in 1967. The stand closed in 2015 and was put up for sale. The building was still vacant in 2019. For more, see this website. [photo thanks Tony Badalamenti] [map]

Boynton-McKay Food Co.
Camden, ME
The Boynton-McKay Food Co. opened as a pharmacy and soda parlor around 1893. It is now a full-scale restaurant with tables and take-out. The beautiful woodwork and pressed tin ceiling are original. Some scenes from Stephen King's movie "Thinner" were filmed here. [map]

Cleonice Mediterranean Bistro
Ellsworth, ME
The Cleonice Mediterranean Bistro occupied the ground floor of the Luchini Building from 2002-2014. The space housed a soda fountain and luncheonette which opened in 1935. The wood booths and counter appear to be original. These photos are from 2003. Another restaurant, the Provender Kitchen & Bar, now occupies the space. The vintage interior has been preserved. [map]

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