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Other Places:
C&J Drive-in (Fairbanks, AK)
Rainbow Drive-in (Honolulu, HI)
Scotty's Drive-in (Bismarck, ND) [map]
Nothing for Wyoming yet. Any suggestions?

Peters' Drive-in (Calgary, AB)
Old Fox Drive-in (Claresholm, AB)
Igloo Drive-in (Fort Macleod, AB)
Ric's Grill (Water Tower Restaurant) (Lethbridge, AB)
Wendy's Drive-in (Vauxhall, AB)
Dairi-Wip Drive-In (Winnipeg, MB)
Dairee Delite (Brantford, ON)
former Red Barn (Mississauga, ON)
Sonny's Drive-in (Waterloo, ON)
Peter Pan Restaurant (Charlottetown, PE)

General Websites:
Chopped Onion
Road Food

Dutch Pantry Restaurants
Horne's Restaurants

Lileks Coffee and Chrome

The American Drive-in, Michael Karl Witzel, 1994
California Crazy, Jim Heimann & Rip Georges, 1980
California Crazy & Beyond, Jim Heimann, 2001
Car Hops and Curb Service, Jim Heimann, 1996
Drive-in Deluxe, Michael Karl Witzel, 1997
Fast Food: Roadside Restaurants in the Automobile Age, Jakle & Sculle, 1999
Gas, Food, and Lodging, John Baeder, 1982
Mid-Atlantic Roadside Delights, Will Anderson, 1991
New England Roadside Delights, Will Anderson, 1989
Orange Roofs, Golden Arches, Philip Langdon, 1986
Roadfood, Jane & Michael Stern, 1992, 2002
Selling 'em by the Sack, David Gerard Hogan, 1997
Where Have You Gone, Starlight Café?, Will Anderson, 1998
White Towers, Paul Hirshorn and Steven Izenour, 1979

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