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Sam's #3
Denver, CO
Sam's #3 opened sometime in the 1960s at a former White Spot. The building was designed by Armet & Davis. The Sam's chain was established in 1927 and there were at least five locations built in the Denver area. When Sam's #3 closed in 1969, the owner focused on the remaining locations until they all closed as well. In 2004, he reopened this location as Sam's #3 again. The sign appears to be from then. There are now two other Sam's #3 restaurants in Aurora and Glendale. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, and 3. [map]

Denver, CO
Bastien's opened here in 1937 as the Moon Drive Inn. It was renamed Bastien's when this building and sign were built in 1959. The folded roof has 24 panels. For more, see this website. [map]

Newbarrys Restaurant
Denver, CO
Newbarrys Restaurant opened in 1967. I believe the place was originally called Barry's. The building now houses the Puerto Nayarit Mexican restaurant. [map]

Taco House
Denver, CO
Taco House
Lakewood, CO
Taco House
Littleton, CO


This Taco House chain was established in 1958. The sign in Denver is located at the original location. The bulbs at the top of the sign were added in 1968. For more, see this website. [map]

The Lakewood location may have been built in 1972. The building and sign look suspiciously like the squat-roofed Whataburger design like the one in Oxnard, CA. [map]

The Littleton location was part of the Taco House chain. It was built in 1961. [map]

There was another location in Federal Heights which is gone now.

Little Caboose
Fowler, CO
The Little Caboose food cart opened around 2019. It was transformed around 2021 to look more like a caboose. [map]

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