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former Bob's Big Boy
Lakewood, CA
former Bob's Big Boy
Garden Grove, CA
These former Bob's Big Boy restaurants now house Coco's Restaurant & Bakery. The sign in Garden Grove was adapted. I believe the Coco's conversions took place in 1991. This Armet & Davis design was developed in 1958. By 2016, the Lakewood building was housing the Heritage Family Pantry. [map]

The Garden Grove location was built in 1965 and later housed a Carrow's restaurant. It became a Coco's in the 1980s. In 2016, the building was still housing a Coco's. It closed in 2017. Preserve Orange County is working with the owner to find a tenant that will respect the integrity of the building. [map]

former Bob's Big Boy [gone]
San Jose, CA
This Bob's Big Boy location was designed by Armet & Davis and built in 1965. This was the first Bob's Big Boy in Northern California. It closed in the late 1980s. The building later housed the Flames Coffee Shop. The sign was adapted with its spike shortened. The restaurant closed in 2016. In 2019, the building was demolished.

former Bob's Big Boy
Mesa, AZ
2012: 2017:
This former Bob's Big Boy was vacant in 2012. By 2015, the building was housing a wedding and party rental storage space. It now houses a used car dealership and the building has been painted gray. [map]

former Bob's Big Boy
Torrance, CA
This former Bob's Big Boy now houses a Coco's Restaurant. [map]

former Bob's Big Boy [gone]
Las Vegas, NV


This former Bob's Big Boy was built in 1966. By 1989, the building was housing a wedding chapel. It was housing the Chapel of Love when the photos above were taken in 2006. It had been renamed A Wedding Chapel by 2014. The building had been repainted and the drive-thru marriage window was closed. The building was vacant in 2018. In 2021, the building caught fire. It was demolished in 2021.

former Bob's Big Boy
Long Beach, CA
This former Bob's Big Boy was built in 1963 as the 18th location. The building now houses a Chase Bank. Before that, it housed a Blockbuster Video store. [map]

former Bob's Big Boy
Fresno, CA
This former Bob's Big Boy was built on a corner on an extra-large lot and featured two signs. An Exxon gas station was built in the parking lot and one of the signs was adapted. The station has since become a Valero and the sign was reworked again. The other sign was adapted for the Fu Hai Chinese restaurant which has been closed for many years. The building is hidden by trees and foliage. For more, see this website. [map]

former Kip's Big Boy
Oklahoma City, OK
This building design is so similar to the Bob's Big Boy buildings shown above that I assume it was built as a Kip's Big Boy. There were at least four Kip's Big Boys in Oklahoma City. However, I can find no proof that this was another location. The building now houses the Windsong Dojo. [map]

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