New Mexico Dinosaurs

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Clayton, NM
These three Dinosaurs stand in front of the Tourist Information Center. The triceratops lost one of his horns sometime between 2007 and 2009. These photos are from 2012. Does anyone know when these statues were installed and who made them? Clayton is home to one of the best dinosaur track sites in the world. [map]

Brontosaurus statues
Santa Fe, NM
This family of Brontosaurus statues is installed in an industrial park next to I-25. They were produced by Larry Wilson and are made of spray foam. He began making them in the late 1980s. [map]

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Hatch, NM
Glencoe, NM
This Tyrannosaurus Rex statue was installed on top of a vacant Dairy Queen building. The statue has been located at different spots around town since around 2013. It is owned by Teaku Nunn who has many other statues on display in town at his restaurant, Sparky's. This statue is now installed across the street from the restaurant. [map]

The Dinosaur statue in Glencoe is located in front of the Fox Cave gift shop. It has been there since around 2013. This photo is from 2017. It sounds like Fox Cave will be adding other dinosaur statues soon. They will most likely be produced by Mark Cline who has created many other dinosaur statues and other fiberglass statues. [map]

Albuquerque, NM


This Dinosaur might have been the work of Larry Wilson like the statues described above. It has been here since at least 2003 and is known as "Sunny". In 2013, the statue was repainted red to match the color of the logo of the property's new owner, A-1 Storage. [map]

Albuquerque, NM
These bronze Dinosaur sculptures were created by David A. Thomas. They are installed in front of the New Mexico Natural History Museum. The Pentaceratops, named "Spike", was installed in 1985. The Albertosaurus, named "Alberta", was installed in 1988. [map]

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