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T-Rex & Triceratops
2010 in Springdale, AR
2012 in Rogers, AR
The T-Rex & Triceratops were installed at Hunt Family Treasures when the photos in the top two rows were taken in 2010. The statues were built by Leo Cate who created many other dinosaurs over the years. The T-Rex is about 20 feet long and made from polyfoam and wire. The Triceratops is made of plaster and fiberglass over a metal frame. These statues were built in the mid-1990s. Cate built dinosaurs for Nate's Fun Land mini golf, in Fayetteville, AR. Nate's and the statues are gone now. This Triceratops is either from Nate's or is a duplicate of the statue that was there. In 2011, these statues were sold. The Triceratops is now in a backyard in Springdale. The T-Rex has been restored and is now located at Sam's Olde Time Hamburgers in Rogers (bottom row of photos). [map]

Huntsville, AR


This Dinosaur is also the work of Leo Cate. This statue came from Nate's Fun Land mini golf (see above). The dinosaur is about 30 feet long and was originally painted brown. For more, see this website. [map]

Dinosaur [gone]
Clinton, AR
This Dinosaur was installed in front of United Country Spot Real Estate. These photos are from 2010. The statue was still there in 2014 but gone by 2015.

Mountainburg, AR


These Dinosaurs were built by Douglas W. Birchfield in 1980. The T-Rex and Brontosaurus were part of a children's playground. In 2018, chain link fencing was put up around the T-Rex and Bronto. By 2012, a new dinosaur statue (bottom row above) had been installed. That statue is not behind fencing. [map]

Eureka Springs, AR
This Triceratops has been in the yard of the home previously owned by Ola Farwell since at least the 1980s. Farwell built Farwell's Dinosaur Park (see next page) in Beaver, AR. This statue was presumably built by Emmit A. Sullivan. [map]

Murfreesboro, AR
This Triceratops is a modern statue installed in front of Dino Dig. There are more dinosaur statues inside and a sand pit for kids to dig for polished gemstones. [map]

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