New Mexico Diners

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police station
Albuquerque, NM
This police station is housed in a Valentine diner. It operated as the Little House Diner in Albuquerque from 1942-1992. After it closed, it was donated to the city. In 1997, the diner was moved here and converted into a police station. [map]

Red Top Diner
Edgewood, NM


The Red Top Diner was originally located in Magdalena, NM. It is a Valentine Aristocrat model. In 2006, it was moved to Edgewood where it was being restored. After being vandalized, it was moved to the Wildlife West Nature Park around 2013. [map]

Valentine diner
Embudo, NM
This Valentine diner came from a junkyard about a half hour south of town. It is being restored by Johnnie Meier. [map]

Valentine diner
Los Ojos, NM
This Valentine diner, photo on the left, has been abandoned and gutted for many years. Its last use was as the U&R Cafe. It may have closed in the 1980s. The attached building, two photos on the right, probably allowed for more dining space. It appears to have been built by Valentine as well. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

The Diner
Tres Piedras, NM
The Diner was also produced by Valentine. It was previously known as the Adobe Diner. It has been closed for many years. [map]

Hollywood Diner
Grants, NM
The Hollywood Diner was built as a Valentine Diner. It has housed a variety of businesses over the years. Despite the faded "DINER" paint on the blade sign, I don't believe it has been used as a restaurant since at least 2008. It appeared to be vacant when this photo was taken in 2018. [map]

Valentine Diner
Hatch, NM
This Valentine Diner was previously located in Fabens, TX. I don't know if it ever operated there or if it was just in storage there. It is now located on the property of the owner of Sparky's restaurant. He plans to restore the building and display it or put it to use in town.

Little Juarez Diner
Glenrio, NM
The Little Juarez Diner was built on-site to look like a Valentine diner. However, this building was made from cinder blocks. Valentine diners and other "true" diners were built and shipped to their sites. The Little Juarez Diner has been abandoned for many years. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

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