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Salvation Army
Bedford, IN
This Salvation Army appears to be from the 1930s or so. [map]

Century of Progress Houses
Beverly Shores, IN

Florida Tropical House

Armco-Ferro House House of Tomorrow
Cypress Log Cabin
The Century of Progress Houses were built in 1933 for the Chicago World's Fair. They were brought here by barge in 1935 by Robert Bartlett to entice buyers to his new resort community in Beverly Shores. The houses deteriorated over the years. However, they are now being restored and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Florida Tropical House was designed by Robert Low Weed for the state of Florida to promote tourism. This Art Deco style house is framed with wood and finished with concrete stucco. It is still the original color. [map]

The Armco-Ferro House was designed by Robert Smith for the American Rolling Mill Company and Ferro Enamel Corporation. The intent was to showcase steel and porcelain enamel for residential construction. The was the first house to utilize frameless steel construction and an exterior sheathing of vitreous enamel which was used later for Lustron houses and gas stations. [map]

The House of Tomorrow was designed by George Fred Keck. The 12-sided building used glass curtain walls on the second and third floors. They were replaced with operable windows during relocation. The original windows are now being restored. The floor plan included space to park an airplane. It was the most futuristic house at the Fair. [map]

The Cypress Log Cabin was designed by Murray D. Heatherington for the Southern Cypress Association. The goal was to demonstrate the unique qualities and many uses of cypress. The house was framed with wood and covered with cypress siding, creating a mountain lodge effect. Cypress knees decorated the house's fences, arbors, and bridges. Carvings suggesting animal heads, reptiles and fantasy creatures were removed during relocation. [map]

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Central Fire Station
Columbus, IN
The Central Fire Station was designed by Leighton Bowers and completed in 1941. [map]

National Guard Armory

Junior/Senior High School

Fort Wayne:
Lincoln Bank Tower: 1, 2 [map]
MacDougal Memorial Chapel [map]

Wigwam Mineola Tribe No. 86
Franklin, IN
I believe this Wigwam Mineola Tribe No. 86 building was built for the Order of Red Men, a fraternal organization. It appears to be from the 1920s. Does anyone know more about this building? [map]

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