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Cafesjian's Carousel
St. Paul, MN
The Cafesjian's Carousel (PTC #33) was built in 1914. It is a four row carousel with 68 jumping horses and two chariots. Three of the horses were carved by Carmel and the rest by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. There was a fire in 1939 and several of the horses were damaged. You can still see the charred surfaces under the paint on some of them.

This carousel has always been located in St. Paul. It originally operated at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. In 1996, the carousel and band organ were put in storage and restored. In 2000, the carousel opened in Como Park. For more, see this website.

Americana Carousel
Bloomington, MN
The "Americana" Carousel at the Mall of America is a reproduction style carousel ("a hand-painted contemporary version of the classic American merry-go-round"). It features 34 figures and one chariot. Despite its lack of historic value, it is in great shape and wonderful in its garishness which will hopefully instill appreciation for carousels and ensure their preservation.

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