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That 12th Pole Oil portrait by Rick Reason Jumping 24" in her competitive years

BeeBee, short for "Habibi" (Arabic for "my beloved"), was a Mixed Breed. She appeared to be a mix of Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull (or possibly Staffordshire Bull Terrier). She lived to a litte more than 15 years, weighed about 35 pounds, stood 18" at the withers.

I found BeeBee wandering in the middle of a four lane busy street in Park Slope when she was about a year old. She was such a perfect dog (didn't chase the cats, housebroken, loving, quiet, etc.) that I just had to keep her.

I trained in obedience with Beebs for about three years. She was my first agility dog and was a natural. She was retired when she started to develop some arthritis. She was a terrific teammate - focused, fast and happy.

In Bee's younger days, her passions were chasing squirrels, lure coursing, and swimming. She was very into order and used to break up perceived dog-fights in Prospect Park (earning her the nickname of "Hall Monitor"). She always loved traveling and was particularly fond of Vermont. She loved snoozing in the sun in the back seat of my van - her sofa. In the Park, she enjoyed scavenging for crumbs and rolling in the grass. She also loved beer (Duvel ale was her favorite) and peeling the bark off sticks.

Beebs was as good and as sweet as they come. I will remember and miss her the rest of my life.

Early photo taken
shortly after I found her

Lure Coursing A rare submissive pose Jumping in Prospect Park Lake

in the snow in her golden years

Rolling in God-Knows-What

BeeBee's titles:
AKC: CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
She was also a champion biscuit-catcher.

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