My Four Great Dogs

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left to right: Orbie, Grizzy, Gremmie & Dilly (2020)

In 2020, I lost my dear boy Sputnik at 17 years of age. A few months later, Orbit, a Jack Russell Terrier, joined our pack. Gremlin is a Miniature Pinscher. Griswold is a Rat Terrier. Dilly is probably an Italian Greyhound or Basenji mixed with Terrier. Those hyperlinked names will take you to more photos of each dog and their stories. Their ages range from two years to about 15 years old.

We live in Ventura, California where these lucky dogs get to run off-leash every day at the beaches, parks, trails, and school yards. They accompany me on all my roadtrips when I take photos for the main part of this website, I usually take five-week trips every summer and these guys get to explore all kinds of places off-leash.

Twice a week, I treat the dogs to a full-out run at a soccer field chasing a remote control racecar. The car can do about 40 mph on grass. The dogs get completely tuckered out after about 20 minutes of chasing the car. I let them catch it every few minutes so that they can thrash the tires in a four-way, tug-of-war.

Orbie's first roadtrip, 2020
Satellite Beach, FL

Serra Cross hike
Ventura, CA

Harbor Beach
Ventura, CA
gathered round the "fireplace"
Ventura, CA

Bates Beach
Carpinteria, CA (2020 and 2021)

Cozy Dell Trail (2020)
Ojai, CA

Sweetwater, TX (2021) Waco, TX (2021)

Cape San Blas, FL (2021)

Ventura, CA (2021)

Provo, UT (2022) Dutch John, UT (2022)

with Shep in Fort Benton, MT (2022)

South Lake Tahoe, CA (2023) Ventura, CA (2023)

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