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Ames, IA
(now Johnston, IA)
Shovel [gone]
Denver, CO
Wichita Falls, TX
Gothenburg, NE
This Pitchfork is installed at Custom Steel Service. It was created in 2003. This photo is from 2009. Around 2013, it was moved to Johnston, IA where it stands in front of the Pioneer Hi-Bred Building. [map]

This 30 foot tall Shovel in Denver was part of a billboard advertisement in downtown Denver when this photo was taken in 2012. It was still there in 2014 but gone by 2016.

This giant Shovel in Wichita Falls is about 30 feet tall. It installed in front of Bowles Construction Company. It has been there since at least 2012. [map]

This Plow is located in front of the Sod House Museum. It was built in 1988 by Merle Block. The plow is 22 feet long and 10 feet tall. [map]

More Giant Pitchforks:
Casey, IL

More Giant Shovels:
Casey, IL

Watering Can [gone]
Mason City, IA
This Watering Can was installed in front of Krieger's Greenhouses & Garden Center. It was built around 1970. These photos are from 2009. Krieger's closed in 2011. By 2013, this Watering Can was gone.

Giant Flower Pots and Watering Can
Staunton, VA
Giant Watering Can
Alexandria, VA
Giant Book
Staunton, VA
Giant Flower Pots [gone]
Waynesboro, VA
Giant Book, Book, Ballet Slippers & Pots
Staunton, VA
These sculptures were all created by local artist Willie Ferguson. The Giant Flower Pots and Watering Can were built in the 1990s. They were created in honor of Barbara Hunter Grant who is a prominent local citizen who serves on various boards and donates to many causes. The Watering Can is approximately 18 feet tall and 20 feet wide. [map]

The Watering Can in Alexandria was most likely created by Ferguson as well. It is located at "Holly Woods and Vines", a garden center, and functions as a fountain, perpetually watering its companion flower pot. [map]

The Giant Book is installed in front of the Staunton Public Library. [map]

The Giant Flowerpots in Waynesboro were at the entrance to the Village Green residential community. This photo is from 2011. I'm pretty sure that these are gone now.

The Book, Boot, Ballet Slippers and Pots are located in front Willie Ferguson's business, Ferguson Metal Fabrication. [map]

More Giant Watering Cans:
Finleyville, PA

Doctor's Bag
Newark, DE
Columbus, OH
The Giant Doctor's Bag is located in front of the Apex Medical Center. This sculpture appears to be the work of Willie Ferguson. These photos are from 2009. By 2011, the Doctor's Bag had been painted black. [map]

This Dragonbrush sculpture was created in 2005 and installed at the Bourgeois Family Dental Center. For more, see this website. [map]

Garden City, MI
Xenia, OH
Southbridge, MA
Buddy Holly's Glasses
Lubbock, TX
The Glasses in Garden City are installed on top of the sign for Prestige Eyewear. They are about five feet long. [map]

The Glasses in Xenia are part of the sign for Lowell C. Eicher's optometry office. [map]

The Glasses in Southbridge are 19 feet tall. They were installed in the park of the town square in 2010. The sculpture is a tribute to the optical heritage of the area and the former American Optical complex across the street. For more, see this website. [map]

This steel sculpture of Buddy Holly's Glasses was installed in front of the Buddy Holly Center in 2002. It was created by Steve Teeters. Holly was born in Lubbock. [map]

More Giant Glasses:
Buddy Holly's Glasses (Clear Lake, IA)
Glasses (Staunton, VA)

Spool of Thread
Los Angeles, CA
Spool of Thread
Miami, AZ
Needle & Button
New York, NY
Needle & Button
Kansas City, MO
This Spool of Thread in Los Angeles is installed in the Fashion District downtown. It appears to be about 10 feet tall. It was accompanied by a giant needle originally. The sculptures were created by Reverend Gadget. [map]

This Spool of Thread in Miami is installed on the roof of Julie's Sewing Corner. It has been there since at least 2008. [map]

The Needle & Button in New York City were built in 1995 as part of the Fashion Center Information Kiosk. The sculpture has a 31 foot long needle and the world's largest button. [map]

The Needle & Button in Kansas City is located in the city's former garment district. The needle is 19 feet tall and was installed in 2002. [map]

More Giant Spools of Thread:
Versailles, MO

Aggie Ring
College Station, TX
Bonded Rings
College Station, TX
This Aggie Ring is 12 feet tall and made of bronze. It is located at Texas A&M University. The sculpture was created by Blue Genie Art Industries and installed in 2009. [map]

The Bonded Rings sculpture is located near the giant Aggie Ring. It was created in 1994 by Benjamin Knox. [map]

Spade [gone]
various locations, England
Indianapolis, IN
Carmel, IN
This giant Spade was 10 1/2 feet tall and was created in 2005. It toured around England as a promotional device for Joseph Bentley Garden Tools. It was then sold on eBay. [photos thanks to Ian Cross]

These giant Trowels stand in front of two of Habig's Garden Center locations. [Indianapolis map]; [Carmel map]

Fountain Pen
Washington, DC
Fountain Pen Nib
Roseburg, OR
Pittsburgh, PA
Big Pencil
Wytheville, VA
Pencil [gone]
Portland, OR
Pencil [gone]
Columbus, OH
Atlanta, GA
Pacific Grove, CA
Spokane, WA
Pencil [gone]
Centralia, WA
The giant Fountain Pen is part of the sign over the entrance to Fahrney's Pens. The business was founded in 1929. [map]

The Fountain Pen Nib is located at Roseburg Book & Stationery which was established in 1910. This sign and maybe the Nib are probably from the 1960s. [map]

The Pencil in Pittsburgh stands at the entrance to the Top Notch Art Centre. I believe it has been here since the late 1990s. [map]

The Pencil in Wytheville is made of steel and is 30 feet tall. It was created in the late 1950s. The owner of Wytheville Office Supply wanted to set an example and get other businesses to build oversized things but they never did. There was a giant pair of scissors in front of a barber shop at one time. A giant paint can was installed in the 1990s a block away. [map]

The Pencil in Portland served as a sign for the Office Supply Co. This photo is from 2008. By 2014, the Pencil was gone. For more, see this website.

The Pencil in Columbus was located at Graham Office Supply. This store has been here since 1952 but I don't know how old the revolving pencil was. This photo is from 2010. By 2014, the Pencil was gone.

The Pencil in Atlanta is installed in front of Grady High School. [map]

The Pencil in Pacific Grove is located above the entrance of Alpha Stationers. It was installed sometime after 2011. This photo is from 2015. [map]

The Pencil in Spokane is about 12 feet tall. It is installed in front of the Quinn Group, an advertising agency. It has been there since at least 2007. [map]

The Pencil in Centralia is located in front of the Freeman Center. It was built in 2012 by Steve Freeman, the owner of the tutoring business. The Pencil is 24 feet tall. It was made from recycled cedar. The tip is made of metal while the eraser is made from rubber. It was restored in 2014. This photo is from 2015. In 2018, the Pencil was removed. It will supposedly be displayed in a "nearby community" in the future.

More Giant Pens:
Tiffin, IA

More Giant Pencils:
Denver, CO
Casey, IL
Ellettsville, IN
Lafayette, IN
Mount Dora, FL
Pocatello, ID
St. Louis, MO
Baltimore, MD
Cleveland, OH
Rochester, NY
Wysox, PA
Bracebridge, ON

Easton, PA
Winnie, TX
Paint Brush
San Andreas, CA
Art Ellis Supply Inc.
Sacramento, CA
The giant box of Crayons in Easton hovers over the entrance of the Crayola Factory. This crayon box has been here since 1996 when the Factory opened. There is another giant crayon inside. For more, see this website. [map]

The giant box of Crayons in Winnie is installed in front of the East Chambers Elementary School. [map]

The giant Paint Brush is installed on the awning of the Calaveras Arts Council Gallery Store. [map]

Art Ellis Supply Inc., an art supply store, opened in 1948. This sign appears to be from the 1960s or 1970s. The store closed in 2014 but the sign remain. The paintbrush has been painted entirely black. The palette is gone. [map]

More Giant Crayons:
Cortland, OH

More Giant Paint Brushes:
Owensboro, KY

Paint Cans

Sprayer [gone]
Rochester, NY
Rubber Stamp
St. Joseph, MO
Igloo Cooler
Katy, TX
This giant Paint Sprayer was located at Lou Fico's Repair & Refinish Collision. This photo is from 2010. By 2014, the building had been demolished and the Paint Sprayer was gone.

This Rubber Stamp is installed on the roof of Midwest Office Supply. I believe this business was established in the late 1950s. [map]

An even larger rubber stamp can be found in Cleveland, OH.

The Igloo Cooler is used as a security guard office in the parking lot at Igloo Products' headquarters. [map]

Olympia, WA
Columbus, OH
Springville, UT
The Gavel in Olympia was installed in 1958 when this motel opened as the Golden Gavel Motor Hotel. Around 2001, it became the Olympia Inn but this gavel which is about 5 feet long remains. [map]

The Gavel in Columbus is located next to the Ohio Supreme Court Building. The stainless steel sculpture was created by Andrew Scott and installed in 2008. The gavel is 30 feet long and 13 feet tall. [map]

The Gavel in Springville was installed at the Gavel Store around 2006. It is about 14 feet long. [map]

Hammer [gone]
Toledo, OH
Building Center
Eureka, CA
Rio Rancho
True Value Hardware
Rio Rancho, NM
Valley Roofing
McAllen, TX
Hammer & Saw
Kearney, NE
This giant Hammer served as a sign for Fleeger's Pro Hardware. This photo is from 2009. By 2011, the store had closed and the hammer was gone.

The Pierson Building Center was established in 1962. The business moved to this building in 1971. This 26 foot tall sign was built in 1991. [map]

The Rio Rancho True Value Hardware hammer sign has been there since at least 2007. [map]

The McAllen Valley Roofing hammer sign was installed sometime between 2011 and 2015. [map]

The Hammer & Saw are installed in front of RW Sorenson Construction. [map]

More Giant Hammers:
Haines, AK
Fort Washington, MD
Fraco, QC

Giant Saw
Lafayette, LA
Giant Toolbox
La Porte, TX
This Giant Saw is installed in front of Builders Best Tools and Fasteners. It has been there since at least 2008. [map]

This Giant Toolbox houses La Porte Tool Box. The 1950s building originally housed a bar. In 2011, it was adapted for this hardware store. There were plans for a handle on the roof but, apparently, that didn't happen. This photo is from 2018. [map]

More Giant Saws:
Hearst, ON

Tonopah, NV
Pliers with Bug
Vining, MN
Plumbing Wrench
Union, OR
Giant Nut, Bolt & Key
Amarillo, TX
This giant Pickaxe is installed in front of the Tonopah Brewing Company which opened in 2014. [map]

This pair of Pliers with Bug was created by Ken Nyberg from scrap iron. The sculpture is 14 feet tall. It is located at Nyberg Park. [map]

This Plumbing Wrench is located at the Hometown Hardware Store. It appears to be made of wood and was installed sometime after 2012. This photo is from 2016. [map]

The Giant Nut, Bolt & Key sculpture is installed next to the former Big A Bolts. It has been there since at least 2008. [map]

More Giant Axes:
Cheboygan, MI
Virginia Beach, VA
Nackawic, NB

More Giant Keys:
St. Louis, MO [vintage; gone]

Woodland Hills, CA
Crescent City, CA
This pair of Scissors in Woodland Hills is installed on the Wella Corporation building. Wella produces hair and beauty products. [map]

This pair of Scissors in Crescent Studio is installed on the roof of Kim's Hair Studio. They have been there since at least 2007. The blades may have been motorized to open and close. [map]

Venus Hair
Houston, TX
Venus Hair opened in 1978. Since at least 2008, the statue of Venus di Milo and the giant curler and comb have decorated the top of the building. Around 2015, the giant scissors were added. [map]

Water Bottle
Houston, TX
Water Cooler
Harlingen, TX
Water Cooler
McAllen, TX
Rod & Reel
Port Isabel, TX
Fishing Pole
Port Townsend, WA
Life Preserver
Superior, WI
This giant Water Bottle is a cleverly-designed water vending machine. [map]

These giant Water Coolers function as a Culligan water vending machines. I didn't make a note of where the one in Harlingen was located. Does anyone have an address? [McAllen map]

This Rod & Reel was built in 1999. It is over 71 feet tall and has a functional four foot reel. [map]

This giant Fishing Pole is located at an unidentified bait shop. [map]

This giant Life Preserver is located at an ICO (Inter City Oil) gas station. The station was closed when this photo was taken in 2011. By 2015, the pumps had been removed and the building was vacant but the Life Preserver was still there. [map]

More Giant Fishing Poles:
Detroit Lakes, MN
Blanchart, OK
Hebo, OR
Houston, BC

Giant Fishing Lures:
Miramar Beach, FL

Meteor City, AZ
Grants, NM
The Dreamcatcher in Meteor City is believed to be largest in the world. It is about 12 feet in diameter. It has been located at the Meteor City Trading Post since at least 2002. The first photo above is from 2006. By 2007, the sign and the flags were missing. The second photo is from 2012. The trading closed a few months after that. I believe this Dreamcatcher is still there. [first photo thanks Glenda Campbell] [map]

The Dreamcatcher in Grants is located between the Asian Supper Buffet and the Days Inn. [map]

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