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Santa [gone]
Amherst, NH
Westford, MA
Pennywick Tree Farms
Vassar, MI
Kalamazoo, MI
Unger, WV
The Amherst Santa was photographed in 2003 when he stood in front of Creative Auto Body. When they closed, he was moved down the road to an antiques dealer. His whereabouts are now unknown. He was one of about five or six Santas that were produced by a boatbuilder in NH that owns a mold. One of these is now owned by a family in Westford, MA that displays him in front of their house during the Christmas holidays. However, I don't believe he was displayed in 2009. [photo thanks Tim Vincent]

The Vassar Santa is at Pennywick Tree Farms, a Christmas tree farm. For more, see this website.

The Kalamazoo Santa is installed near Bronson Park each year for the Christmas holiday season. [photos thanks Mark Comstock]

The Unger Santa was originally owned by Marshal Moody and was in front of their building in Dallas, TX since at least the 1980s. He was placed in storage when the display/decorating store relocated. He was created by Jack Bridges who also made Dallas' Big Tex. In 2006, he was sold to a private collector in Unger where he is displayed with other giant statues. For more, see this page. [photo thanks David Carlson]

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland
Frankenmuth, MI
sitting Santa
Frankenmuth, MI
climbing Santa
Frankenmuth, MI
reclining Santa
Birch Run, MI
The Frankenmuth Santa is one of several owned by Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. All of their classic Santa statues wear green mitts. Bronner's has at least three classic waving-type statues at their sprawling property including the one sticking out of the chimney. In addition, there are at least two waving-type Santas which accompany billboards on nearby northbound I-75 like the one on the left shown above. This tourist attraction promotes itself as the "largest Christmas store in the world". There are several other more contemporary Santa statues on their grounds.

The contemporary sitting Santa is located on a roof at Bronner's. The climbing Santa is installed on a billboard south of downtown. The reclining Santa statue is installed on top of a billboard in nearby Birch Run. There is another just like it at Bronner's. In addition, there are a couple giant Snowman at their store and some giant Christmas tree ornaments. For more, see these websites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. [sitting, climbing, reclining & chimney Santa photos thanks Mark Comstock]

Bath, OH
The Bath Santa has been part of the Hesseman family for 18 years. The story handed down to the Hessemans is that there were 13 of these Santas made in the 1940s and brought over from Germany. That date seems a little early to me. Although fiberglass was invented in the late 1800s, I believe mass-production of fiberglass figures didn't begin until the early 1960s. This Santa looks identical to those shown above.

The Bath Santa was at a building supply store until 1984. When they closed, he was sold to a restaurant where he stood from 1984-1986. Both of these businesses were in Akron, OH. The Hesseman famly celebrates the Christmas season by installing this Santa on their front lawn each year. He is assembled from three pieces (head, upper torso, and below-the-belt torso) that are bolted together. He is stored in a barn the rest of the year. [photos/info thanks to Jonathan Hesseman]

Mendon, MA
This Mendon Santa was the restoration project of Casey Vandervalk. This Santa had been on the roof of a building in Woonsocket, RI since at least the early 1970s. The statue had been owned by Tinsel Town which went out of business around 2004. The building owner sold the Santa to Casey in 2006. During the restoration in 2006, the rotten wood inside the statue was replaced. In 2007, the paint was stripped and the fiberglass was repaired (bottom photo). The completed statue is now on display year-round at the Vandervalk Tree Farm. For more, see this website. [photos top three rows thanks Casey Vandervalk]

Taunton, MA
Santa & Santa's Mailbox
Mason, MI
The Taunton Santa is displayed during the holiday season at Taunton Green, the city's central square. This statue wears green gloves like the ones in Frankenmuth, MI (see above).

The Mason Santa is also only on display during the holiday season. He is installed, along with this Giant Mailbox, in front of the Ingham County Courthouse. [photos thanks Mark Comstock]

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