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Dawson's Fireproof Warehouse
Stockton, CA
Dawson's Fireproof Warehouse was built in 1917 for the Dawson Van and Storage Company. It was built in the style of an Egyptian tomb. Many of the details on this building have been damaged or removed. The details on the California St. building (first photo above) have been removed. However, the Oak St. building details (other photos) are fairly intact. For more, see this website. [California St. map]; [Oak St. map]

Ahmed Apartments
Los Angeles, CA
The Ahmed Apartments were built from 1925-1926. [map]

Osiris Apartments
Los Angeles, CA
Nile Apartments
San Diego, CA
The Osiris Apartments were built in 1928. They were designed by J.M. Close. For more, see this website. [map]

The Nile Apartments were built in 1928 as the Blake Apartments. The building design is Italian Renaissance Revival. In 1930, the name was changed to the Gemmell Apartments. The building became the Nile Apartments again in 1932 and some Egyptian elements were added at that time. The neon sign was probably installed then. I suspect the stained glass doors are modern. [map]

Egyptian Court Apartments
San Diego, CA
The Egyptian Court Apartments were built in 1926. The two buildings are connected by a central courtyard and pond. The part of the buildings which face Park Boulevard house retail space. Some of the buildings' details and features have been lost. There were huge concrete columns with hieroglyphics. There was also an Egyptian themed restaurant and miniature golf course nearby. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [map]

Pharaoh's Court Apartments
San Diego, CA
The Pharaoh's Court Apartments are just across the street from Egyptian Court Apartments. They were designed by George L. Stowe and built in 1928. In 1939, the name was changed to the Park Court Apartments. The name was changed again in 1966 to the Park Egyptian Apartments. [map]

Egyptian Garage
San Diego, CA
The Egyptian Garage was built in 1925 as a streetcar substation. In 1927, the building was sold and housed a garage until 1932. There were gas pumps installed in front of the building. Big City Liquor has occupied the front part of the building since 1957. The back part of the building houses Cerberus Motorcycles. For more, see these websites: 1 and 2. [bottom left photo thanks Gregory May] [map]

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