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photos from the shelter/Petfinder.com at home
at one of our fave beaches in Ventura, CA
Dilly appears to be a Rat Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix. She is about six months old and is the youngest member of my pack. I adopted her on December 16, 2017. She was turned in to the Humane Society of Tuolumne County in Jamestown, CA when her owner could not find homes for her or her two brothers. Known there as "Vixey", she was the biggest of the three puppies. She had been at the shelter for about a month. I had been diligently searching for a Jack Russell Terrier rescue, daily, for about eight months with no luck. Browsing through the Rat Terriers at Petfinder.com, I saw her photos (see above) and instantly fell in love. I drove up that weekend to adopt her. That JRT will have to wait.

She is settling in nicely with the rest of the crew. At first, Grizzy was a bit sulky about the addition but he's already over it. Dilly weighs eight pounds right now and will probably not get much bigger. She still has loads of silly, clumsy, puppy energy. She is still growing into her long legs and has trouble braking. She is crazy about food which makes training the basics and tricks a breeze. Her true sassy personality is starting to reveal itself: stealing things off of counters, barking at me when I'm eating, biting my feet, etc. Lots more photos coming soon.

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